God is not only watching closely the tides of human life, but He is intimately involved in the affairs of man. Good things we foresee concerning the year 2022 are not a product of wishful thinking, rather a hope anchored in God's revealed plan.

Important reminders

  • God is ultimately in charge
  • God is active, not passive, in the world to change it for the better
  • God is purposeful and practical
  • God works through human agency
  • God's people can contribute to creating positive change, at least in their sphere of influence.

Important revelations

  • God will redeem the situation to restore society to normalcy
  • God is refocusing His people’s attention first and foremost on Him
  • God is purposeful and practical
  • Young shoots springing out of a vast land
  • Beautiful flowers carpeting an open field
  • Old trees renewing themselves- though ever slowly

Important responsibilities

  • Watch out
  • Walk together
  • Work together
  • Worship truthfully