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Give and Gain

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When you give in life you gain. We have been set apart from unto. Where our hearts are given, everything else will follow. Giving is a heart issue which requires faith (to act) and obedience (gives access to what we need to gain).

Proverbs 23:26
Wisdom which symbolizes God is saying to you, give Me your heart.
- God is normally the Giver and He is asking you to give.
- When you give to God, you gain.

God gave the greatest sacrifice, His only beloved Son, Jesus.
- He gave you a new life (regeneration).
- The purpose of having a new life is for you to have a new lifestyle of reconciliation, peace and harmony between you & God, you & others and you & self.

New priorities (sanctification)
Salvation leads you into a new community.
- Due to my new lifestyle of living for God, my priorities have changed.
- Are you willing to live wholly for God and consecrate all to Him?

Where the heart is given, everything else will follow.
- Your heart determines the movement of your life.
- God asks for your heart because He knows once you give Him your heart you will forsake all else so as to live a life that pleases Him.
- God never forces us to change.

1. Relationship sets the tone
Everything starts with the kind of relationship you have with others.

* Each relationship defines its own boundaries.

Genesis 2:4-5, 7-9, 15, 18-19, 21-22
11 times in Genesis 2, God is referred to as the Lord God.

Genesis 3:1
The devil diminished his relationship with God from Lord God to calling Him only God.
- It is how you view someone that determines how you are going to treat them.
- Something had to die in the devil for him to treat God with contempt.

How you view God will determine how you treat Him.
- What are your priorities? Who are you living for?
- Don't call God, Lord if you are not obeying what He is telling you.
- When God looks at you, what does He see.

** At the heart of a relationship is a heart issue.
- Genesis 22:5-7
- Living a life of new priorities is determined on the type of relationship with God.
- When God becomes your Father, His priorities become your priorities.
- May your heart be connected to God's heart so that you feel what He feels.

- Exodus 28:1, John 5:17
-  It is a heart issue.

It is abnormal to fold your hands when the kingdom of God is in need of your help.

Matthew 6:9
Family is meant to stick together against all odds and spread the Word of God.

Philippians 2:19-22
Church is not an extramural, it needs to come first.

Sanctification is always about giving.
- God give me an opportunity to love you.

* Love is the foundation of sanctification.
Do you love God? Is He your Father?

2. Faith triggers a corresponding action
Give God....
* Commitment to the Lord
How committed are you to God?
- Your commitment to God reflects your level of trust in Him.
- Christianity starts with a relationship with God in which you commit to Him your time.
- God is asking you to be His friend.

You should not do things for God without loving Him first.

** Care for the disadvantage
When your heart is given to God, what breaks His heart should break yours too.
- Take care of those who can't take care of themselves or don't have what you have.

* Concern for truth and justice
They both play a vital role.

** Commitment to social and personal dimensions of life.
Do you know that all God has to advertise Himself is you?
- How you present yourself has an impact on how people perceive God.
- How you dress is part of sanctification.
- Look after your physical health.

How are you treating your self?
- Why are you treating others better than yourself whilst you live in poverty?

The way you treat your body reflects how much you treasure yourself.
- You need to balance your personal and social life.
- All you do must represent God.
- Excellence is part of sanctification.

People should see the excellence of God in all you do.

3. Obedience gives access to the best this life has to offer

Obedience is less painful than regret - Christine Caine

Obedience to God is the pathway to tbe life you really want to live - Joyce Meyer
- If you sow seeds of disobedience, it is a matter of time before you reap the consequences of your decision.

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