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Empowered by the Spirit Day 3 - An Unstoppable Church

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God will use adversity to lead us to obedience - martyrdom ignites persecution. Persecution also true prompts true evangelism. We should expect signs and wonders in our lives which confirm the Word. True evangelism exposes false faith. God's gifts are cannot be purchased they are given by grace. We must guard ourselves from carnal appetites.
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1. Martyrdom Ignites Persecution
  • Stephens dead - was not an end but a beginning.
    God had a plan, he ignited something in the church through Stephens death 
  • Sauls activity 
2. Persecution prompts True Evangelism:
Acts 8:4-8
Scattering was the fullfillment of what Jesus said earlier - to be witnesses in Jerusalem and all over the earth
  • Predicted by Christ 
  • Expirienced by Christians: Scattered and Shared the Gospel 
The early church became comfortable and over casual, they forgot the Word, lost focus and sight of Gods purpose
Characteristics of True Evengelism
  • The centrality of Christ
  • With miracles confirming
  • The presence of contagious joy
3. True Evangelism Exposes False Faith
Acts 8:9-24
Simon would need to have seen the evidence of the Holy Spirit to want to buy the gift of God
There will always be fakes and false ministers 
Characteristics of the Phony: v. 9-11
  • Exalting a person otheer than Christ
  • Attracting a following based on carnal attractions
  • Exercising counterfiet power
- Be discerning
Conversion of the magician:
  • Experienced true salvation 
  • Experienced the fullness of the Spirit
  • But, ruled by fleshly appetites
Spiritual gifts are a result of grace we didn't earn them or buy them
Confrontation with the Truth: statements from Peter to Simon the magician v. 20-24
  • You can't buy the gift - things of God are not bought
  • You are demonized
  • You must repent - having a change of mind and change of heart is part of  christianity 
Lessons to learn:
    1.God will use adversity to lead us to obedience
    2.Evangelism should be part of our lifestyle
    3.We should expect signs and wonders in our lives
    4.False ministries mark the end of times
    5.Gods power can reach anyone
    6.Gods gifts cannot be purchased they are given by grace
    7.We must guard our hearts from carnal appetites 
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