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Empowered by the Spirit Day 1 - Fullness of the Spirit

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The Fullness of the Spirit was promised - Jesus promised that the spirit will be in you, with you, and it will come upon you (baptism of the Spirit). The fullness of the Spirit has purpose - which is to empower.

The Fullness of the Holy Spirit was:

I. Promised
John 16:15-18
The Holy Spirit is there to come along side you and help you.
- You can depend on Him till eternity.
- The Holy Spirit is with you.

John 20:19-22
The Holy Spirit is in you too.
- Before you knew Jesus, the Holy Spirit was with you drawing you to Jesus.
- When the Holy is with you, He is working in you.
- He wants to move from just being with you but be in you and live within you.

Acts 1:4-5
Do not try to change the world with your own power, you need the Holy Spirit.
- Always seek His presence.
- The Holy Spirit is upon you.

II. The Fullness of the Holy Spirit has purposed.
- Acts 1:8
- Upon = baptized by the Holy Spirit

The purpose of the Holy Spirit is power.
- The purpose of the power of the Holy Spirit is to empower you to live as a witness of Christ on earth.
- If Jesus waited to be baptized by the Holy Spirit in order for Him to start His ministry and His disciples waited for 10 days to be baptized by the Holy Spirit before they were sent out to make disciples all over the world, how much more you?

III. The Fullness of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost
Acts 2:1-4

IV. The Fullness of the Holy Spirit was marked with Proofs
- When God does something He leaves evidence through signs, wonders and miracles.

Significance of the event:
* fulfilled prophecy
* The birth of the Church
* empowered disciples

V. The Fullness of the Holy Spirit can be personalized
The promise must be received personally.
-  Acts 2:38-39
- You need to be willing to receive the empowerment of the Holy Spirit.

- John 7:37-39
Living water = Holy Spirit
- Are you thirsty? If yes, come to Jesus and be filled to overflow.
[5:07 PM, 3/10/2020] Yolandiswa: Thanks Sis
[4:51 PM, 3/11/2020] Yeukai: Title: An Encounter with the Extraordinary
Preacher: Dr Bobby Hill
Date: 09 March 2020

Acts 3:1-26
I. The Miracle of Healing
The beggar was sitting close to the magnificent Beautiful Gate.
- He had been going to the same temple for many years until one day he had an encounter with God through Peter and John.
- As a Christian, you need to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit's voice as He leads you to be a blessing to those around you.

You can be short in supply of other things but not the power of the Holy Spirit that works in and through you.
- You need the miraculous power of Jesus and your willingness to be a blessing to others (willingly to help others).

Peter and John knew that their words had power - look at us, walk. The cripple walked at the command of their words.
- Your words have power to bless, heal, help others, etc.

When God does something in your life, you need to rejoice as an express of your joy for what He has done in your life.

The Message of Hope
Every miracle leads to a message of hope that draws people to Christ.
- miracle + message = result
- Your testimonies are an opportunity for you to share the faithfulness of God with others.

Miracles are designed to point people to Jesus.
- Never take credit for what God does in and through you. The credit belongs to Jesus - Acts 3:12-13

Repentance and faith in God results in (Acts 3:19):
* sins will be wiped out - God gives you an opportunity to start on a clean slate (past)
** times of refreshment - God wiĺ refresh your soul (present)
* return of Christ - He is coming back for you (future)

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