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Bring the Holy Spirit in the Mix

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Since our humanness is not equipped to handle the difficult issues of life effectively, we need to involve the One who is more qualified. We should not put too much hope on ourselves but must invite the Holy Spirit. We under utilise the Holy Spirit, He is more than just speaking in tongues. What matters most in our lives is the spirit and it is made alive by the breath of the Holy Spirit.

Since our humanness is unable to handle the big issues of life effectively, we need to involve the One who is more qualified.

Life has a way of humbling everyone.
- Never put too much hope in yourself, life has a way of outperforming you.
- You need the Holy Spirit to help you outperform life.

Job lost his children, wealth, wife (she asked him to curse God and die), dignity, and health.
- His friends came to condemn him instead of encouraging him during his greatest time of need.
- They believed what had befallen Job was due to sin.

You should not rely on prophets to hear from God. You need to have an intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit and learn to hear His voice.
- The Holy Spirit is the only One who is able to help us make sense of life.

What we all face:
i. The Challenge of Faith
* Suffering
If you want to be a solid Christian, you need to be rooted in Christ so that when your faith is challenged you do not allow your emotions to get the best of you.
- Do not under utilize the Holy Spirit.

** Presence of evil
The presence of evil in society makes it difficult for us to see the goodness of God in our lives.
- The Holy Spirit is God's extension of Himself to come into your life and deal with issues you can't make sense of.

* Flawed perfection
Disappointed by someone you trusted.
- This makes it difficult for you to trust God who is invisible.

** Divine interaction
The ways of God are not our ways.
- When you begin to notice that even though you are living a righteous life, God seems not to be answering your prayers.
- It is difficult to make sense of life when those who do not love God seem to be prospering whilst your life is falling apart regardless of your love for God.

ii. The Complexity of Life
Your life is spiritual first.
- The spiritual issues in your family negatively impact you until God delivers you.
- Sometimes there is a discrepancy on what the Bible says about your life and the reality you are facing on a daily basis.
- Complexities of life make it difficult to believe in God's faithfulness.

iii. The Conflict of Life
When you go through life challenges and have no idea why you are going through such challenges and how you are going to get through them.
- God is happy with you and the devil is attacking you to prove that your faith in God is conditional.
- Some people, your life is 'perfect' because God doesn't want to expose you to testing as He knows you will not be able to overcome the enemy.

Where we all stumble:
i. Our Approach
* Prejudice
Being quick to judge without enough evidence.
- Job's friends assumed his suffering was due to sin and reality was that Job was suffering because he lived a righteous life.
- Don't be quick to judge others. Rather choose to be a source of support to those going through life challenges.

** Arrogance

* Anger

ii. Our Answer
There are certain things that do not need you to just pray but you need to put action to what you are praying for.

iii. Our Appeal
There are certain things that do not make sense and we begin to question God.
- Always remember there are certain things that may not make sense. This doesn't mean that God does not know what He is doing.
- You can ask God questions (to understand and know) but you cannot question Him (challenging His decisions).

What we all should do
Bring the Holy Spirit in the mix:
- 1 Thessalonians 5:23
You are a spirit, your possess a soul and you live in a body.
- Your spirit is the most important of the three.

i.  A Different Perspective
The Holy Spirit helps you to change your perspective on life.
- He helps you to see life differently.

ii. A Greater Purpose
The Holy Spirit connects you to a greater purpose.
- Joseph suffering led him to God's purpose for His life.

iii. A Prevailing Power
The Holy Spirit overcomes the devil on your behalf.

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