Our Leaders

Christina Tshiamala
Christina TshiamalaElder
Godspower Isogie
Godspower IsogieElder
Olivier Tshala
Olivier TshalaPastor
Dominique Katshunga
Dominique KatshungaPastor
Henri Tshiamala
Henri TshiamalaElder
Philani Zinzcume
Philani ZinzcumePastor
Gape Mogotsi
Gape MogotsiElder
Miriam Wamboy
Miriam Wamboy Pastor

About Ramah

Who are we and where are we going?

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision & Mission

Our vision is to provide a place of rest, restoration and release and to create a culture of practical love in our communities. Gospel Ramah Church wants to establish a network of teaching ministries worldwide. Our mission is the complete restoration of man to God's intended design.
Our Values

Our Values

1. Total dependence on God (through fervent prayer). 
2. Develop Christian character in our lives. 
3. Display love and care for one another. 
4. Provide and export effective training. 
5. Be sensitive to the move of the Holy Spirit.
Meaning of Ramah

Meaning of Ramah

The name Ramah is taken from the book of Samuel in the Bible. For us, it represents the following: 1. PLACE OF Supernatural birth (the BIRTH OF SAMUEL; 1 Samuel 1v19-28, 2v11) 
3. PLACE OF REFUGE- 1 Samuel 19v14-18 
4. PLACE OF TRAINING- 1 Samuel 19v2 
5. PLACE OF TRANSFORMATION- 1 Samuel 19v19,24