“Because of your promise and as your own heart dictates, you have done all these astounding things to make your servant know and understand.”                    

– 2 Samuel 7:21 (AMP)



 -Interact about our common future                                                                               

-Ignite passion in the people of God                                                                          

-Invite participation in Kingdom advancement



Seeking souls, the world over, stand to benefit in unprecedented ways from astounding things God will do throughout 2024.



In the face of dangerous and difficult days ahead, God makes three bold promises to those of His people who will seek him.                                                                                                           

1. To bring them into a spacious place where they will breathe freely.                                                                               

2. To arm them with the needed strength to advance against any enemy.                                  

3. To arm them with strategies to scale seemingly unscalable challenges.



Three axes:                                                                                                                   

1. Build a Christocentric community  

(the placing of Christ at the centre of one’s thoughts, actions, or beliefs)

2. Build a Koinonia saturated community                                                              

(the entering into a shared community that involves deep, close-knit participation among its people)

3. Build an Euangelion intense community                                                                   

This is an attempt to address a threefold crisis:

a. A lack of gospel confidence  

b. A lack of gospel clarity  

c. A lack of gospel community)                                

Ps. 18:6; Acts 18:9, 10; Rom. 1:16, 17; Gal. 4:19; Matt. 22:37-39; 28:18-20

God wants to be known and to be made known.



Bring the mortgage significantly down                                                                 

Build strategic bridges