Revelation 7:9-15 (MSG)

"We have heard it said that history informs the present and guarantees the future. However, in God’s economy the present can benefit significantly out of secrets from the future."


1. All people are precious to God

  • The great commandment
  • The great commission

Genesis 15:5; John 3:16; Mark 12:28-31; Mark 16:14-16; 1Timothy 2:1-4


2. All people are products of God’s grace

  • Ascribe praise to Him
  • Ascribe glory to Him
  • Ascribe wisdom to Him
  • Ascribe thanks to Him
  • Ascribe honour to Him
  • Ascribe power to Him
  • Ascribe strength to Him

3. All people are potential servants of God

  • Never give in to the lies of satan
  • Never give up on people

Genesis 32:26-28; 35:9-11; John 1:46; Acts 9:15; Acts 10:15; Philemon 1:10-12