2 Kings 7:1

 Understanding the limitless nature of God, coupled with the realization that He is interested in us as limited beings, not only solidifies our faith but puts life & its challenges into perspective."

God over science

  • The Bible does not contain statements that are scientifically inaccurate
  • The Bible foresees scientific discoveries before they were known to the world at large


1. Rich in Mercy

  • Ahab was deviant and moved away from God in significant ways, introducing idolatry and false gods, but God came through for him many times.
  • Joram, too, did what was evil in the Lord’s sight, but God saved him on many occasions.

”Our lack of faith in God is an act of self-sabotage.”


2. God controls time

  • Time is a limitation to us but not to God.

3. God does not need consensus

  • Even if those around us doubt and don’t believe, God can still do what he wants to in our lives.

4. God is never short on resources

  • Whatever is at God’s disposal becomes enough.