Spirit-Empowered People


The book of Judges

Shamgar: People Who Beat The Odds

Judges 21:25; Judges 3:31

Early Questions Answered

1. Who was Shamgar?

    • Son of Amath
    • 4th Judge
    • A farmer

2. What is an oxgoad?

    • Agricultural tool
    • Ordinary but useful


Lessons Learned From Shamgar

1. Start where you are

  • Shamgar was found plowing the fields.
  • Mundane tasks prepare us for special opportunities.

“The greatest impact our lives can have isn’t in the moment where greatness begins: it’s what happens before that moment.” - TD Jakes.


2. Use What You Have

What’s in your hand?

  • Shamgar had an ordinary oxgoad.
  • It represented his identity, income and influence.

3. Stand Your Ground

  • How did Shamgar defeat the Philistines?
  • Eleazar and Shaman; Samuel 23
  • Ephesians 6:10-10

4. Never Fear Your Opponent

  • “Fear not”
  • Fear paralyses us in the face of impossibilities

5. Look To the Spirit To Anoint

How did the oxgoad become powerful?

  • Zech 4:6
  • Ordinary into extraordinary