Spirit-Empowered People


The book of Judges

3 failures of Israel

  1. Failure to possess the land
  2. Failure to maintain pure worship
  3. Failure to transmit a godly heritage



  • 350 years of Judges
  • Cycles of Sin and Revival
  • Two major lessons for our messages:
    1. Sin has consequences
    2. Spirit’s Empowerment for Victory is available

Judges 21:25


The cycle of the Book of Judges

  • People fall into sin and idolatry
  • God is angry
  • Oppression by enemies
  • People cry out (Repentance)
  • Salvation through chosen Judge
  • Peace
  • Judge dies

Samson: A life of miracles and mistakes


Introduction to Samson

Judges 13:1

  • Charles Spurgeon: Samson’s life is a science of miracles and mistakes
  • Samson’s feats are legendary, but it’s his flaws that proved to be fatal
  • His two greatest weaknesses were revenge and romance. He was extremely gifted but certainly not godly.


Samson’s family album

Three pictures to describe his life

Judges 13:1-23

  1. A child with Unbelievable Promise
  2. A champion with Unbelievable Power
  3. A man with an Unreliable Character