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How to Work Effectively for God's Glory
Sun, Mar 24, 2019
To work effectively one has to check what is the state of your environment after one's intervention. As you serve man serve wholeheartedly and with joy as if you are serving the Lord. Let your work be a service to man for the Glory of your God.
Work to Win: a Biblical View of Work
Sun, Mar 17, 2019
Work is the process of creatively transforming chaos into order for the benefit of both God and my fellow Man. When you have done what you are meant to do, what is the impact of your intervention onto the environment? The primary purpose of work is not about profit first, rather a steady process of transforming a human being so that he can reflect the image of his creator.
Teaching on Tithe
Sun, Mar 10, 2019
When you give your tithe, it is a reflection of your obedience to God. God feeds on your obedience. A tithe is a share reserved for God. Your blessings are attached to your obedience to God's Word. When you obey God, He will never withhold any good thing from you. Obedience will make God surprise you.
Holy Spirit Seminar Day 4: What are these Two Olive Trees?
Wed, Mar 06, 2019
Olive trees are there to pour out golden oil, Spirit of God. God anoints you with His Spirit for the assignment He has called you to do Zerubbabel went back to work after Zechariah and Haggai acted as olive trees in his life. You need olive trees, people who God brings into your life to support you, for a lifetime. Never ever reach a place where you think that the olive trees are no longer relevant in your life.
Holy Spirit Seminar Day 3: Spirit led Church and Spirit led Believer
Tue, Mar 05, 2019
God is in charge and wants to lead you. You cannot move in the supernatural and miraculous, if you do not give the Holy Spirit His rightful place. God teaches you what is best for you; meaning you do not know what is best for you. Do not only obey God when it is convenient to you. Do not call Jesus, Lord, if you are not willing to follow His Lordship over your life. For God to effectively lead you, you must be dead to self.
Holy Spirit Seminar Day 2: Spirit filled Church and Spirit filled believer
Mon, Mar 04, 2019
Your hunger and thirst for God will determine how much you receive from Him. The state of your heart determines what you receive from God. What made Daniel and Moses outstanding is the Spirit of God upon them. Never try to do anything without depending on the Holy Spirit.
Holy Spirit Seminar Day 1: The Holy Spirit, The Revelator
Sun, Mar 03, 2019
You should never ever get familiar with the Holy Spirit or God. No one knows what to pray for because we only know how to pray in the natural dimension. Only the Holy Spirit can reveal how to pray according to the supernatural dimension. There is a higher level of prayer that doesn't depend on what you are experiencing nor how you are feeling; whereby you flow in prayer according to how the Holy Spirit prays through you.
Vision Talk 2019: Lets WIN Effectively
Sun, Feb 24, 2019
The purpose of a vision is for it to be implemented. "In every community there are bright, godly, loving people willing to benefit both God and their fellow Man." In 2019 our pursuit is to raise the value of: Work through City Leaders and Evangelism. Raise the value of intercession (City Lighthouse) and networking - City Social Presence.
Life in a local Christian Church
Wed, Feb 20, 2019
A local Church is a gathering of a people called out of this world system in order to function under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. Life in a local Church was meant to be both fulfilling and fruitful. With a key mandate to glory God and to edify God's people.
Wins Through Losses
Tue, Feb 12, 2019
The dilemma of faith is when things seem to be contrary to the word of God. We can guarantee wins through losses by getting to Know Him (his character), know the Plans He has for you and have Faith in Him.