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Growing in the fear of the Lord
Sun, May 15, 2016
The will of God is for us to grow in very domain of life. We have to grow in the fear of God. The fear of God is a sense of awe in reverence and deep respect for God because of who He is. Three reasons for fearing the LORD: (i) You will receive the favor of God in your life - Daniel 1:48, (ii) God will give you access to divine revelation - Daniel 2:10-11,2:14-19; (iii) God will protect you - Daniel 3:6-18, 3:25-30. Characteristics of a person that fear the LORD: (i) Living in purity - Daniel 1:8, Psalm 19:9; (ii) Always seeking God for guidance - Daniel 2:14-30; (iii) Being the truth teller - Daniel 3: 16-18; (iv) Uncompromise practise of spiritual disciplines - Daniel 6:10-13; (v) Obedience - Ecclesiastic 12:13
Think about your legacy
Sun, May 08, 2016
Think about your legacy. What legacy are you going to leave? If your name is mentioned when you are not around, what are people going to say about you? Naomi had a good legacy. Her legacy can be explained as follows: (i) Strength of character (ii) Unshakable faith in God in the midst of dark times (iii) Commitment to empowering the next generation.
Communion with God
Wed, May 04, 2016
Communion with God is the loving fellowship with Him in Christ. It simply means that I begin to pursue God and look for Him; and go into​ a deep relationship because of Christ. His interest becomes my interest. It is also the inner desire to always keep in touch with God.
Sun, May 01, 2016
As God’s people living in His world, we are called to adjust our lifestyle to Christ’s standard so that we can be used in an accurate and exact way. 1. Connect with the heart and mind of God a. Interest in God draws His attention. But interest must be given direction and depth. 2. Confront “the challenge of change.” WHAT DO YOU WANT? Three categories of Christ-followers: 1. THE IGNORANT (EPHESIANS 4:14; JAMES 1:6-8) Who are tossed back and forth, and blown here and there by every wind of teaching... 2. THE EGOCENTRIC (LUKE 12:16-21) Who only care about themselves but are not rich toward God. 3. THE “MISSIONAL” Who understand and embrace their position as God’s agents in the world. WHAT DO YOU WANT? An age-old question with far reaching impact: - Elisha (2KINGS 2:9-15) - Isaiah (ISAIAIH 6:8-9) - Jesus Christ (JOHN 4:34-38; JOHN 17:4, 18; JOHN 20:19-23; ACTS 1:8; 2CORINTHIANS 5:14-21) 3. Accept the cultural shift So that the world may hear the gospel, see it, and follow it. 2 KINGS 10:16; ACTS 9:36-41; ISAIAH 21:11-12; PHILIPPIANS 2:15
Community Impact - II
Fri, Apr 29, 2016
Your value is measured by what God sees you as, and you need to see yourself the same way God does. For God to elevate you into his perfect will, something in you has to be removed - when you remove things like make up the true you as defined by God emerges. The mirror which is the word of God can transform you, by constantly going to the mirror God can make you up. Moreover the holy spirit becomes the beautician to match you to the image in the mirror. The church has to respond to the call, the pain and, anguish of the world and not be eccentric. God is drawing the bright stars into the night because the night cannot overcome the day. The watchmen need to be positioned at the watch tower not ivory tower - to respond to the call. The church has been ordained for a time such as this.
Community Impact
Thu, Apr 28, 2016
Are you ready to tackle God's assignment in your time? To be God's servants in such a time as this is the greatest privilege on can have. It means being trusted by God to carry His revelation by being taken from nothing to something. There is a reason why you are part of God’s kingdom for such a time as this. A son must understand God's timing and function under. Times change but God doesn't change, he is an unchanging God with an unchanging word. Fathers primary role is to activate the next generation - do things that will position and benefit the next generation. Sons are chosen by God and need to change their environment, association and walk to be relevant in a time like this, a time like no other. This time is specific and God has an intention and a project with you; do not take for granted the value God has put in you, it will distinguish you. The sign of maturity of a believer or a church is understanding what God is doing in the season. We have to understand what God is up to in our generation.
Organisational growth: An atmosphere for success
Wed, Apr 27, 2016
Success has to meet a certain atmosphere to manifest. Success is not easy, you face problems on the way - Christians are not except from problems but the problems come to distinguish you. In order to create an atmosphere of success you need to do three things: give what you have that has value - just like Tabitha/Dorcas who touched the poor by her good deeds, they elevated her in return and refused for her to die. Learn to appreciate people - acknowledge people in public but reproach in private. Value people for the potential in them - just like God called Gideon a mighty warrior instead of Gideon. However to be able to touch people and have a place in their hearts you need to have a place in the heart of God then your future is guaranteed.
Organisational growth:The power of influence
Tue, Apr 26, 2016
Organisational growth : The power of influence. The children of Israel forgot about how God delivered them from slavery and the Lord was not pleased with them. Sometimes we tend to forget what God has done in our lives because of temporary challenges. To deliver Israel, God chose Moses despite his limitations. Aaron and Miriam were part of the mission for a purpose. When God positioned you in a place of influence, God will sustain. It is your responsibility to do that which will contribute to your elevation . Two are better than one, it is your responsibility to team up with people that will lead contribute to the fulfillment of your purpose. Your company determines your elevation. Be a dreamer, a dream will help you focus in the midst of challenges. The presence of God in your life guarantee success. Leaders can be recognized by their power of influence. A leader must be a role model and elevate the people he or she leads.
The generation that will stop the nonsense - Part II
Mon, Apr 25, 2016
A generation that will stop the nonsense is a generation that knows its assignment. Elijah ran away from his assignment but the Lord told him to return to his assignment. Are you still in the place of your assignment or you have to go back to your purpose. There is unfinished business for this generation. What kind of man and woman will it take to take the nations back for Christ? The assignment requires the anointing. This generation needs an encounter with God. Where is your zeal? Jehu was zealous for the Lord. Jesus Christ was consumed by the zeal for His Fathers business. What is your first priority in life? Is it money, material things or its God. Purpose must go before material things, never allow humans or possessions to drive you away from your purpose. Christ's cross centred gospel is the answer to the world. This generation must be a generation of young people sold out for Christ. A generation that live for Christ and that is willing to lose their lives so as to stop the nonsense.
The generation that will stop the nonsense
Sun, Apr 24, 2016
The generation that will stop the nonsense.What kind of generation will the coming generation be? Generations before needed more of God while faced with less challenges than this generation. The older generation was zealous for Christ, never pushed to pray, never pushed to evangelize but this young generation is abandoned yet they face greater challenges - institutional endorsement of sin and lack of discernment, hence require more of God. The Christ's cross centered gospel is no more in this generation. Whatever takes the place of God in our lives, God will destroy it. Never allow a blessing, materials or even humans to substitute the place of God in your life. We are blessed to become a blessing. Do not accept things that shouldn't be accepted - enough is enough, let God be God. You are radically saved to radically serve God. A generation that will have an encounter with God.
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