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Switch: Kissing Goodbye Cycles of Failure and Defeat - Time of Renewal Day 3
Tue, Jul 30, 2019
Followership of Jesus is associated with everything that we need to accomplish in our lives. Many failures in our lives are a result of illusion of direction. Following Jesus requires us to: let ourselves be controlled by him; attaching to Christ (intimacy and relational knowledge); understanding that success is in the opposite direction to our flesh, be disciplined; and, we need to be mature, allowing Jesus to gird and lead us.
Switch: Kissing Goodbye Cycles of Failure and Defeat - Time of Renewal Day 2
Mon, Jul 29, 2019
When we want to come out of a place of failure, Jesus himself has to create the environment of change - Jesus is a creator of contexts that will bring change to ourlives. You never leave a point of failure unless you follow Jesus. Three major illusions in life: illusion of the goal, direction and competence. God must become everything in our lives - he must be the Goal of our lives, not his hand (what he gives). For when we follow Jesus, we gain Jesus, the light of life.
Switch: Kissing Goodbye Cycles of Failure and Defeat - Time of Renewal Day 1
Sun, Jul 28, 2019
The point of continuous failure is where we find lots of frustrations. Our point of failure is caused by illusion, wrong perception of reality. Faith helps us face reality instead of disconnecting from it. For us to tear down the fortresses of illusion we have to dependent on the parakletos, our advocate and comforter the Holy Spirit. Dependency is allowing God to be in full control and fully depending on him
On the Other Side of Major Obstacles
Sun, Jul 21, 2019
The biggest problem that people have is that they hope for a life without problems. Yet, it's always on the other side of major obstacles that people gain the most valuable life-lessons. Being born again doesn't mean your life will be problem free. What you are becoming is more important to God than what you are gaining from the issues you are facing.
Interceding by Default
Sun, Jul 14, 2019
Whether consciously or subconsciously, there is a fundamental understanding in every human that we are fallible, limited and incapable of predetermining destiny or changing its course at will. Intercession transcends the human value system.The emphasis should not be on getting people to intercede but getting people to meet God and intercession must happen as a result. Intercession by definition cannot be superficial or done from a distance.
Do not Forsake the Gathering of the Believers
Sun, Jul 07, 2019
The time has come to be practical, it is not enough to know. Action is what happens on the other side of the Kidron Valley. We are a people with a mission and on a mission. The Lord expects us to come forward, do that which we have been professing.
The Supreme End of Our Intercession
Sun, Jun 30, 2019
Intercession is a ministry of love, it is meant to develop us into willing actors. Intercessory prayer, if practiced properly, forces us to think seriously about our environment and the people who live in it.
The Subjects of Our Intercession
Sun, Jun 23, 2019
Intercession is crucial in view of man’s weaknesses and limitations. The main thrust of effective intercession is the Father’s glory and His people’s welfare. God can make up the difference when we place our trust in Him.
The Beneficiaries of our Intercession
Sun, Jun 16, 2019
Everyone wins when we raise-up the full canopy of intercessory prayer. It is love that pushes you to pray for those who do not even know you are praying for them. When you pray, you give God the legal right to override the earthly kingdoms of this world. Heaven opens over people when you pray for them.
Who is the Spirit of our intercession?
Sun, Jun 09, 2019
The Spirit behind our intercession is not a force or an 'it', He is God. The Holy Spirit helps us to pray according to the will of God. He knows the right time when God should answer your prayers. The Holy Spirit as a Helper will never leave nor forsake you.