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Effective Christian Walk
Sun, Jun 24, 2018
In view of the much anticipated coming age, we should endeavour to make the best use of our time by serving God with dedication as well as saving as many souls as we possibly can regardless of our current circumstances. 1) In a little while: a) we shall close this chapter. b) we shall be reunited with our Lord Jesus Christ. c) we shall be rewarded. 2) In the meantime: a) Let us practice prayer. Prayer is both a means and an end because it is that confidence in and submission to God (John 2:1-3). b) Let us practice love. Love is the royal law without which all our activities become resounding gongs and clanging cymbals. 3) In this way: Our God will be praised in all things through Jesus Christ. Our God gets the glory when we’re prayerful and loving people.
Secrets of Unbroken Success
Sun, Jun 10, 2018
Success does not perpetuate itself by chance; it’s often through instruction and inspiration that any population group attain true development (gradual growth or progress, more useful, better). In order to successfully pass on a God honoring-People empowering legacy, there is at least seven priority needs (necessary duties): 1) The need to be forward-thinking - Pioneering, Prioritizing, Planning and Strategizing. 2) The need to determine one’s ultimate desired outcome. God’s honor and People’s edification. 3) The need to be fruitful. Abide in Christ, Be Christ-like and Do life in a life-giving way. 4) The need to be impactful. There’s no real impact without influence. Influence is a resultant of trust, respect, and like-ability. 5) The need to remain true to the tenets of our Christian Faith. Foundational truths frame our worldview which dictates our behavior. 6) The need to adapt our methods coupled with the courage to not adopt the prevailing culture. 7) The need to courageously seize all God-given opportunities to turn things around for the better.
This is Our Story With God (Building A Lasting Legacy - Day 7)
Sun, Jun 03, 2018
Thinking, aspiring and instructing are some of the most important qualities that should be in a leader’s life. Fundamental truths worth handing down: 1) It is all about God but it is up to us. Divine sovereignty does not negate human responsibility. If you give your best to God, He will do the rest. 2) True success is based on taking the word of God seriously. Revelation must be followed by response. 3) Faith is important for success in life. Its expression is found in the worship of God and in obedience to God. 4) Individual are capable of great good and worse evil. Relationships are critically important, yet extremely fragile. Therefore, do your best to preserve them. 5) There's tremendous power in prayer. He who kneels before God, can stand before any man or any challenge.
Courage (Building A Lasting Legacy - Day 6)
Fri, Jun 01, 2018
Vision always requires action, for you only understand the assignment as you do it. If you will show courage you will prosper. Courage is the ability to do something that frightens one, a mental and moral strength to venture. Courage is not the lack of fear but the resistance and mastery of fear. Courage is the ability to control your fear, when you show courage fears disappears. Courage is important because it takes courage to: 1) Fulfill your destiny. 2) Be single minded in following your bible based convictions (Joshua 24:14-15). 3) Abandon man and hold on to the faith (Genesis 14:17-23). 4) Confront the Goliath's (1 Samuel 17:15-16, 45-47). 5) Follow your God given gifts until they are fulfilled. 6) Rise from failure and disappointments. 7) Not allow obstacles to hinder your faith (Mark 10:46-52). Have courage and do not allow people to talk you out of your Godly calling. You must dare to get anywhere.
Significance of Organisational Principles (Building A Lasting Legacy - Day 5)
Thu, May 31, 2018
Principles are important for building a lasting legacy. Founding values are like the DNA of the church, they are the support on which everything else stands. Why foundations matter: 1) Unseen part - it is what is done in private. 2) It is Expensive - requires commitment. 3) Non-negotiable parts. 4) Provides Defense. 5) It is the reason behind every Success. 6) Basis of our Authority. 7) Brings Stability. Values need to be passed on and our values come from the Word of God. What are our Values: 1) Sound doctrine (Titus 2:1). 2) Embrace the tenets of our faith as Pentecostal charismatic people. We believe in Jesus Christ the saviour and salvation through his blood. We believe in the gifts of the spirit. We also believe that the church needs to be the Salt and Light of the world.
Contending for the Faith (Building A Lasting Legacy - Day 4)
Wed, May 30, 2018
Jude (Judas) was the Servant of Christ and a Brother of James and Jesus. What was Jude’s Purpose? 1) Confront and denounce the false teachers. 2) Guard and protect the church from danger. 3) Encourage believers to maintain their faith. What was the Problem? 1) . Christ’s Warnings. 2) Paul’s Warnings. 3) Jude’s Warning and Challenge. Two Errors Jude Addressed: 1) License – Jude 4. 2) Rejection of the Lordship of Jesus – Jude 5. How do we Contend for the Faith? 1) Believe it. 2) Proclaim it. 3) Guard it. Dangers Facing Today’s Church and Leaders: 1) Extreme doctrinal teachings. 2) Exaltation of man – humanism. 3) Abandoning the authority of scripture. 4) Consumerism – conforming to worldly standards to attract people. Jude's Challenge to remain strong: 1) Remember God’s Word (Jude 17-18). 2) Build Up Yourselves in Prayer (Jude 20). 3) Show Mercy (Jude 22-23).
A Church of Influence (Building A Lasting Legacy - Day 3)
Tue, May 29, 2018
Influence is the ability to change the course of someone's future. For one to have impact influence is key. Primary Principles of Understanding Influence: 1) Everybody has influence. 2) Influence can be positive or negative. 3) God expects me to use influence. 4) Our influence is for the benefit of others. 5) If I'm not influencing them, they are influencing me. 6) The greatest contributor of influence is trust. Three key influences: people Trust you, people Respect you and people Like you. The Purpose of our Influence: Influence is for two legitimate reasons: 1) Mission - promoting the gospel and 2) Ministry - serving and helping others. God will judge how I use my influence. Two Images of Influence: 1) We are called to be the Salt (seasoning and preservation) and the Light of the world. Six Ways to Make the Greatest Impact With Others: 1) Our integrity. 2) Our words. 3) Our attitude. 4) Our lifestyle. 5) Our care for others and 6) Our prayers. In summation, increased influence will always require a price to be paid. Influence can grow in four different levels: Modeling, Motivation, Mentoring and Multiplying. Be careful who influences you and how you are influencing others.
A Fruitful Church (Building A Lasting Legacy - Day 2)
Mon, May 28, 2018
Building a legacy requires a church to be fruitful. Two prophetic portraits of a fruitful church: Antioch Church and the River of God. Characteristics of the Antioch Church: 1) Radically committed to the power of the gospel. 2) A Multi-cultural Church. 3) They experienced a great harvest. 4) There was an evidence of God’s grace. 5) An Active Five-Fold Ministry - apostles, teachers and prophets. 6) Hungry for God’s Word. 7) Modeled a Christian Lifestyle and 8) A Generous, Giving Church. Secondly, the River of God. God repeatedly used “rivers” as a symbol of His life-giving Spirit. God desires that every church experience the river of God. The River brings blessing and life: 1) The river is a place for fruitful trees to be planted and to grow. 2) The river causes life to spring forth everywhere. 3) The river brings healing and health to everything. 4) The river will be a place for many fish. 5) The river flows out to dry and barren places. There are differing levels and depths for entering into the river. We must Step into God’s River.
Preparing for Legacy (Building A Lasting Legacy - Day 1)
Sun, May 27, 2018
Building a legacy requires preparation. A legacy is an inheritance or quality handed down from a previous generation. Preparing for a legacy requires forward thinking and following basic principles. Fundamentals of Godly a Legacy: 1) Scripture places a priority on one’s legacy. 2) A Godly Legacy has great value. 3) Legacy is built on how we live and serve. 4) God keeps a Legacy Scorecard. 5) Our legacy is a personal choice.