Fri, Jan 18, 2019
Working Through the Father: Time of Renewal Day 10, Jan 2019
Exodus 31:1-5 & Daniel 1:16-17 by Pastor Khongelani Chauke
All that we need God has provided but it requires activation. Anointing allows you to do more than you can do in your own strength and what you cannot do on your own. Bezalel anointing (wisdom, understanding, skills etc.) is activated when work is done through the father and it will not work outside of the father.
Series: Time of Renewal

Exodus 31:1-5 (The Voice); Exodus 31:11b
God will skilfully empower you to do what's needed for you to help advance His Kingdom.
- You need to work according to God's instructions

The Bezalel annointing is activated when you work through the Father
- God didn't speak directly to Bezalel but spoke to Moses.

1. God's power upon a person which enables them to do more than they can do in their own strength
- God put's a mark of excellence over their work.

2. God's power upon a person which enables them to do what they couldn't do in their own strength.
-  It is God's strength working through them.

The anointing is the work of God through you.
- Dan 1:3-4, 17, 20
- God's anointing sets you apart
- The mark of the anointing gives you a spirit of excellence.

Bezalel's Anointing
- Power of God that comes upon you with wisdom, knowledge, understanding, leadership  and skill

 - skill to do things

** Understanding
- The greatest of people are those who are able to see more than what is displayed or hear more than what has been said.

How do you activate the Bezalel's anointing:

1. Diligence and utmost commitment in your work
- God has never called anyone who has been idling around
- God has to find you with a good work ethic.

David was anointed as King
- David was a shepherd already laying his life down for the sheep he was taking care of.
- God knew He could trust him to take care of His sheep,  the Israelites
- 3 elements of a Shepherd - Care, pasture and protect.
- When Samuel went to anoint David as King,  he found his 11 brothers at home. Only David was out working.

Never ever decrease the value of what God has entrusted you with
- If you want God to entrust you with something bigger, be faithful with the little He has entrusted you with.

From Saul to Paul
- He worked diligently in prosecuting the Church
- God turned around his commitment to spreading the Gospel.

Three disciples whom Jesus worked closely with:
* Peter was a fisherman - Lord, I have toiled all night.
** John and James - they left behind their family business to follow Jesus.
- Jesus knew He could trust them as they had let go everything to partner with God.

2. It is commissioned by Fathers - Exodus 35:30-35 (NLT)
Bezalel never went around telling people that God had called him. It was Moses who commissioned him in front of everyone.
- It is God who calls you and not the Father.
- God has put the commission into the Father; it is the Father who then commissions you.

Some of you are struggling because you announced yourself to the world without a Father commissioning you
- Jesus never announced Himself; God Himself announced Him - "This is my beloved Son whom I am well pleased with."

If you decide to follow your calling without the covering of a Spiritual Father, you will suffer a shipwreck
- There are ranks in the spirit
- Praying and fasting takes you to higher ranks with time - Matthew 17

3. It activated by following Fathers - Ruth 1:16 (NLT)
- God is the God of the Fathers
- Fathers will cause you to be counted where you had not been counted.
- Your Boaz will come as you follow the Father
- You will save yourself a lot of struggles when you diligently follow your spiritual father.

1 Kings 19:19-21 (NLT); 2 Kings 2:10
- Elisha followed Elijah diligently
- Following gives us the ability to see what the Fathers are doing

To be taken under the wing

Do not have double standards; you need to work in Church the same way as you work digilently at your place of employment/business
- What you do to the Father it will be done to you twice. God cannot be mocked.
- Whatever you are doing today it will affect 4 generations.

4. By submitting to the anointing of the Father of the House
- Many people are not submitted to any spiritual Father and are not accountable to anyone.
- The spirit of independence is the spirit of lucifer who wanted to exalt himself above God.
- Never participate in ungodly talk about your Father

Matthew 3:13-17 (TPT)
Heaven only opened when Jesus submitted to John baptizing Him
- Learn to submit to the anointing of the Church
- Everything you do, do it as if you are doing it for God - Colossians 3:23
- Luke 16:10 - God will see your level of commitment on how you serve others

Joel 2:25
God will restore the time you have lost when you serve God and your spiritual Father diligently.

When you become familiar with the Man of God, you will lose.
- Your promotion is hanging on tonight's word.

Prayer Points
Lord, put upon me the anointing for work and spirit of diligent & wisdom and commitment on everything I am tasked to do.

Lord, help me not to take for granted or become familiar with the Father you have given me.

Bishop Tshalo
The secret of prayer is not what you tell God but what God tells you
- The words of parents change the destiny of their children's lives.
- Love and honor your parents no matter what have they done or not done for you.
- They are things that attract blessings when they are done right.

Let us being Kingdom citizens and not people of society
- Learn to respect Spiritual rankings as God has ordained it that way.

3 things you need to claim as they are already yours:
* The Lord has come to offer you His blessing.

** The Lord is offering you to walk and partner with Him.
- May God grace you with the ability to partner with Him - Colossains 3:23

* The Lord is offering you His anointing.

 In 2019 declare that you are in partnership with God, blessed and anointed.