Sun, Sep 30, 2018
Take the Risk to Try Again
Genesis 11:31-32 & Genesis 12:1-4 by Elder Gape Mogotsi
The enemy has not defeated you, for the weapons created by creation cannot defeat the creator. Defeat causes you to settle in Haran instead of Canan. People settle for second best because of: 1) Fear - when fear comes have the courage to fight. Courage is not the absence of fear but mastering fear. 2) Fatigue - physically and mentally. 3) Failed results - failing does not make you a failure, when you fail try again. 4) Faulty confidence - do not lower your expectations. Doubt your doubts and not God. When you settle where you are not suppose to settle your brain embraces abnormality as normal. To get to where God is taking you, you have to leave things that are holding you back and be obedient to Him.
Series: Sunday Sermon
Take the risk to try again!
Micah 1:7-9
We all have moments when we feel defeated and wanting to give up.
- God will not allow the enemy's weapon to overcome us - Isaiah 54:17
- The creator of weapons is a creation of the Creator; hence why he cannot overcome you.
- God will come through for you.
- When you outlast the enemy, you will have a great comeback.
Genesis 11:31 -12:1
Terah wanted to move his family to a better place.
- Sadly, they decided to settle in Haran.
- It is sad when people give up on their dreams and visions because of the resistance they face.
- You need to think generationally; beyond your own family.
When the obstacle is bigger than what you think you can handle, it doesn't mean you have to let go; take the risk to try again.
- Don't settle for crumbs.
Terah and his family settled for second best because:
I. Fear
It is a survival instinct against the setback and delays you have been facing.
- Fear makes you to either fight or flight
- God doesn't want us to run but to fight
- You need to have courage to trust God
- Courage = mastery of fear.
- Choose to doubt your doubts
Most people have had to learn to do what God has called them to do despite the fear; do it afraid.
- They fight against all odds
II. Fatigue
It is a extreme tiredness resulting from physical and mental exhaustion
- Fatigue makes you believe that what you are going through is only unique to you.
- It makes you to fail and not strategize for the future.
The manifestation of your vision will come to pass against all odds.
III. Failed Results
Whenever we put hard work into something, we expect it to match the our effort.
- When your hard work doesn't match your results, it makes you believe you have wasted your time
- Failing doesn't make you a failure
- Pick up yourself up and try again.
Don't settle, your breakthrough is around the corner.
- Don't allow failure to demotivate you
IV. Faulty confidence
Habit of thinking negative due to past trauma and disappointments
- Never question God's vision for your life and settle.
- A faulty confidence makes you doubt what God has told you to do and lowers your standards because of never-ending struggles.
- Terah died in Haran without seeing Canaan (Genesis 11:32).
- Dont allow your dreams and visions to die
God will never allow you to settle for second best
- Never make an abnormal situation normal
God instructed Abram to leave his country
- You need to leave your place of comfort and follow what God has called you to be
- You have to untie yourself from things that weigh you down.
Luke 18:40-41
He prayed for sight not his physical blindness.
- You need to view life through God's perspective
2 Kings 4:13
I dwell among my own people - the Shunammite woman had reached a point where she didn't need any help from God but relied on people in her area.
Nothing grows in a comfort zone
- You are depending on creation and not your Creator.
You need to realize that apart from God, you can't do anything
- God wants you to wholly depend on Him
- You need to take the risk and try again
Every family has a generational curse that you need to fight against and break.
- You need to leave and break the generational curses over of your life
- It's time for you to stand up and fight
It is sad that many people with great potential settle for second best because of the challenges they face
- Don't give up what is rightfully yours
- Refuse for setbacks to become standstills
Ezra 9:12; Genesis 12:2-4
The issue of land is an issue of inheritance
- Terah was meant to inherit the land
You need to be obedient and do what God has called you to be or do
Stop speaking negatively regarding your life and loved ones.
You need to do something about your life instead of sitting and complaining
- What are you going to do about it!
Abraham stood up, took the risk and tried again!