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Sun, Aug 03, 2014
When the Shunammite's son died she most probably made these 2 confessions: Confession 1... "There will be no funeral here!" What is your confession when faced with a dead situation? Confession 2... "My mouth will not announce the works of the devil!" Whose works do you announce? What is it that you have been nurturing that has died on your lap? In this season God is dealing with things in your life that you been carrying and they have died on your lap.
Wed, Sep 25, 2013
A dream is not born from ordinary desires but from the word you receive from God. The word from God to you for you becomes your dream. When Joseph had a dream, it was a word from God. Pharaoh’s dream was word from God. The dream that God gives cannot be sustained by foundation made by men. Don't dream a dream that will die with you. There is no such thing as let me try this because God is committed to you. Everything you touch shall prosper. There is no wall you cannot climb. Your children shall not have limitations. No wall that can stop them. Who are you and who defines? Why have you allowed your enemy to define you? What have you allowed your colleagues to define you?
Tue, Sep 24, 2013
A miscarrying womb: 1. You are able to conceive but you are unable to develop that which you have received. 2. They are able to start but unable to finish. 3. Always working on the foundation and doesn't imagine the structure. No body sees anything rising. 4. They do not carry the finishing grace 5. Always start but not establish 6. Rarely celebrate their achievement 7. They see their breakthrough coming but suddenly it disappears 8. Full of unfinished projects 9. Is worse than barrenness 10. Full of great ideas but nothing comes out of it 11. Great opportunities but nothing out of it 12. Is a spirit of death that resides in the womb waiting to destroy every seed the womb gets.
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