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Sun, Jul 24, 2016

Where do you invest your trust

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Trust is tied to obedience and obedience brings blessings. The center of gravity in human life is God, if you remove God from the equation of life society will be doomed. Humanity is suffering from - "The vanity of idolatry." To place confidence in the wisdom, power, or character of any man which ought to be placed in God only. FOUR PORTFOLIOS MAN CAN INVEST HIS TRUST IN 1. Invest your trust in man # Dangers of trusting in man: (a) Man is finite (b)Man is frail, (c) Man is fallible and (d) Man is failing. 2. Invest your trust in self # The dangers of trusting in self (a) Deceitfulness of your heart (b) Depravity and perversity of your soul (c) Wickedness or corruption of your heart 3. Invest your trust in “riches” # The dangers of trusting in riches (a) Fickleness (b) Limited Capacity 4. Invest your trust in God # The benefits of trusting in God (a) His Presence (b) His Power (c) His Character
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