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Partnership with God: Time of Renewal Day 6, Jan 2019

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God wants you to partner with him. God's partnership is different from business partnerships because he has provided 100% of what is required for the partnership as well as the outcome, bible is the evidence of this. All He requires for the partnership is obedience.

Fasting is a testament of our power as human beings to choose.

Do not let anything happen in your life without involving God.

- When God calls us into a partnership it is not an equal partnership. He brings everything required for what needs to happen and its already a done deal.
- All God wants from us is obedience and to be His representative in what He has partnered with us to do.

God is a trustworthy partner
2 Chronicles 20:15 - The battle is always the Lord's 

Lessons from the life of Gideon (Judges 6:13 - 17)

Gideon was trusting God to send someone to save Israel and not him.
- God normally chooses the unqualified to do His work. Gideon was very scared but God still chose to work through him.
- We like Gideon, we tend to disqualify ourselves when God brings a vision which is bigger than what we can achieve by ourselves.

Judges 6: 22 - 23
Like Gideon, sometimes it takes us awhile to realize that God is speaking to us.
- God has a way of reassuring us about His protection.

Judges 6:27
It is only when Gideon realized that He was speaking to God, did God give him instructions on a way forward.
- God will only reveal to you His instructions once you acknowledge that He is the One who is speaking to you.

Gideon remained fearful despite knowing it was God speaking to Him
- Many of us have missed our blessings and visions because we are more afraid of people than God.
- Do not neglect what God has said to you because you want to protect your image.

Judges 6:34-35
When the Spirit of God comes upon you, it gives you the courage to do what God has called you to be.
- In 2019 choose to trust God and step out of your comfort zone and trust God's leading.
- He is a faithful partner.

Judges 6:36 - 3
Gideon still didn't trust God despite God speaking to Him.
- Gideon kept on asking God for signs even though God had already confirmed it was Him speaking to Gideon.
- You cannot expect to win in 2019 if you keep not trusting God.
- Your faith in God should be grounded in what God has already done for you in the past. If He did it back then,  He is able to do it again.

Judges 7:3
The same Gideon who was very fearful and doubtful was able to gather 32 000 men and prepare them for war.
- God's Spirit gives your supernatural courage and also favour (attracts people) with those we need to work with to accomplish what He has called us to do.

Judges 7:22
God asked Gideon to send those who were scared home.
- In this year choose to send home those who cannot support your vision at the same level as you and are discouraging you.

God asked Gideon to send the remaining 10 000 soldiers to the river for him to know who still needs to go home.
- Pray for God to give you a divine idea for you to identify the remaining people in your life who are problematic but are laying under the radar.

God left Gideon with only 300 men - Judges 7:17

God is going to give you victory over your enemies and grace to pursue more blessings.

In 2019 decide to partner with God and trust the way He is leading you even when He doesn't make sense.
- In 2019 choose to partner with God who has unlimited resources.

To partner with God requires your constant & consistent obedience:
I. Hear God voice
II.  Do what God tells you to do through different channels
III. Wait upon the Lord for the next step

Prayer points
i. May God help you in your private lives to hear Him clearly.
ii. Courage to step up to the plate and do what God says you must do
iii. God to give you grace to choose His directives over your logic.

Bishop Tshalo
You need to partner with an unlimited partner in order to handle successful the unlimited challenges in 2019.

 Proverbs 3:5-6
Trust in the Lord completely,  and do not rely on your own opinions. With all your heart rely on Him to guide you, and He will lead you in every decision you make. Become intimate with Him in whatever you do, and He will lead you wherever you go. Don’t think for a moment that you know it all.

Proverbs 3:5-6 (TPT)

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