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Win: Time of Renewal Day 4, Jan 2019

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In your season of weariness, God still wants you to win. Winning can be achieved through doing good and not lowering the standard in face of challenges and resistance.
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We are in a season of transition where God is talking to us about the future.
- How you begin the year determines how the year will end.

God wants you to win this year
- He knows the challenges you have been going through.
- God is saying you will win despite what you are going through.

The test of time normally results in weariness and spiritual fatigue.
- God still wants you to win regardless of how you are feeling
- Some of you have let go of your vision and dreams because of what you have been going through.
- What makes the prophetic over your life important is that God spoke. His Word never returns to Him void.

In your season of weariness, God still wants you to win.

Securing your victory

Galatians 6:9
i. Your good deeds must grow and excel
- You need to become intentional and  more conscious of doing good.

Nehemiah's focus was to do good work for both God and Man.
- Despite the challenges he faced, Nehemiah never gave up.

Don't be too quick to let go or lower your standards whenever you face challenges and resistance.
- Abound in good work wherever God has planted despite of what you are going through. In due season, God will bless you with a great harvest.

Do everything as if it is God Himself doing it.
- When a woman goes into labour it is a time of both joy and pain. Pain to give birth to the baby and joy to meet the baby.
- There is purpose to the pain you have been facing. It will bear fruit in due season.
- Every blessing has a demand attached to it.
- The pressure you are facing is not meant to kill you but prepare you for the future blessings.

It is a season of winning

- You need to readjust your motives & dreams and align them to God.
- Reposition yourself to become in line with where God has called you to be.

Prayer Points:

i. Align me to your will
ii. Align my deeds to Yours
iii. Align my expectations to Yours


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