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Mon, Jan 07, 2019

The Blessing of the Lord: Time of Renewal Day 1, Jan 2019

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Blessing is a supernatural endowment of God that makes you productive and fulfilled. When you begin a journey with God it is already successfully completed as He knows the end from the beginning. True blessedness can never be found outside of God. The blessing of the Lord comes to those who have faith in Him. When you have faith, you please God.For you to become productive and live a fulfilled life, you need to develop faith in God.
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John 20:24-29 (CEV); Hebrews 11:6

How to develop your faith in God - Mark 11:12-14; 20-24 (NKJV)

1. Learn to confess what you want to see and not what you are seeing

- Jesus confessed what He wanted to see; the fig tree dried up
- After He confessed that the fig tree would dry up, the leaves still remained green, they did not immediately wither.
- Jesus didn't allow what He was seeing (green leaves) confuse what He was saying (dried up tree).

Genesis 1:1 - 10
God confessed what He wanted to see and not what He was seeing
- God first directed the darkness with His Words and then named it night.

Our problem is that we use our words to describe our challenges without directing them to declare how we want our lives to be.
- Directing - prophetically declaring how you want your life to be like.
- God never described the situation before directing it to what He wanted it to be.

It takes faith to direct and no faith to describe.
- Matthew 15:21-28
- The woman first described her situation and Jesus paid no attention to her. But when she directed her situation, Jesus healed her daughter.

What you are saying should be consistent with what God is saying.
- What conversations are you having with yourself?
- Mark 5:28 - The woman with the issue of the blood received her healing based on the conversation she was having with herself which directed how she wanted to be healed.

2. Hold onto the prophetic promises

A bird sitting on a tree is never afraid on the branch breaking as her trust is in her wings.
- Where is your trust?
- Your faith should grow on the prophetic promises of God over your life.

Hebrews 10:23 (GWT)
The One who made the promise is faithful
- God is capable and willing to come through for you.
- He who spoke is faithful to fulfill it.

1 Thessalonians 5:24
- Things might appear as if they are not changing but reality is that once God speaks, it is as good as done.

There is often a time gap between God spoken word and its manifestation.
- How you manage the waiting season determines how the blessing manifests.

There is a difference between the set time and appointed time.
- 1 Samuel 13:8
- Saul got frustrated of waiting for Samuel to appear at the set time and this made him sin. However, Samuel appeared at the appointed time of God.
- Delay doesn't mean God is late, He always come at the appointed time.

At the appointed time of God things will fall into place.
- Choose to trust God's perfect timing for your life
- The appointed time comes with the Spirit of acceleration

3. Adopt the correct faith attitude

You need to evaluate your attitude of faith.

Types of faith:

3.1 If then attitude
It puts conditions on God
- If God, You do this then I will do this...
- Do not argue with God or prescribe how He does things.
- You need to obey God in all situations

3.2 Even if attitude - Daniel 3:17-18
- Choosing to trust God regardless of the outcome of the situation
- It is a faith that helps you to move on with life despite the challenges you might face

3.3 Even though - Job13:18
Even if introduces a hypothetical condition that is not yet true
- Even though introduces a condition that is true
- It is a faith that helps you to move on with life despite the challenges you are facing
- This is an attitude God wants you to have; to trust Him regardless of what you go through.

Do not change your testimony based on what you are going through.

Prayer points

I. God, help me to tame my tongue to direct and not describe my situations.
II. Recall the prophetic words over your life and declare them before God.
III. God, help me to adopt a correct faith attitude

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