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Mon, Jan 11, 2016

Time of Renewal Day 1: Growth is Divine

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The purpose of this prayer and fast is for sanctification and consecration for 2016. 2016 is a banquet before us being filled with all sorts of things that delight our hearts. You have a choice to accept or refuse the banquet. Pay attention to what goes on in your heart and that which you keep in your heart. In 2016, you have decisions to make, people to meet and travelling to do. The prayer and fast is to prepare us for what is ahead of us in 2016, for God to go before us. We need to take out all the rubbish that is in our hearts: Unbelief, Self centeredness, Negativity, Self-pity, Sin, and Insecurity. We need to create space (make room) in our hearts and lives for Christ. We need to have confidence in Him alone and trust in Him.
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