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The Subjects of Our Intercession

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Intercession is crucial in view of man’s weaknesses and limitations. The main thrust of effective intercession is the Father’s glory and His people’s welfare. God can make up the difference when we place our trust in Him.

Whenever there is a major crisis, intercession needs to take place.
- Abraham, Moses, David, Solomon, Jesus, etc all stood in the gap to pray to God on behalf of His people.
- You can intercede with confidence because God is resourceful.

You can never intercede for the wrong motives as it is between you and God.

Whenever God is about to move it is preceded by a season of intercession.

John 17
What are the subjects that constitute the key areas we need to pray about?

John 17:9a
Without locating heaven, prayer is meaningless.
- Main theme in John 17  is 'them'.

Intercession is crucial in view of Man's weaknesses and limitations. The main thrust of effective intercession is the Father's glory and His people's welfare.
- People move on with life whilst being broken.
- Human beings are weak and need God's help.
- You need to have compassion in order for you to be able to pray for people effectively.
- There is no prayer that is spoken to God that remains unanswered.
- Your limitations should drive you to pray to a resourceful God.
- Be known as someone who prays for others.

Luke 15
For the prodigal son to come back to his senses, it needed someone to pray for him.

How can you give glory to God through your intercession?
- Whenever God answers your prayer, you need to give Him glory.
- Intercession is finding a way to bring glory back to God.

There are certain challenges that God will not remove when you pray as they are part of His tools to fulfill His destiny for your life and those whom you are praying for.
- Examples - Joseph,  Peter

Seven Priorities Petitions (Human beings' main needs)

Pray for:
1. People to know God
Knowing God should be the main priority for all human beings.
- Knowing Christ trumps everything.
- A breakthrough outside of Christ leads to hell.
- God desires to have an intimate relationship with you.

For people to be saved, you need to intercede for them to know God.
- People will go to hell if you do not pray for them.
- Philippians 3:10; Ephesians 1:17

2 Corinthians 4:4
The devil has blinded people not to see the light of the Gospel of the glory of Christ.
- It is your duty to pray for everyone.
- Life without Christ is unbearable.

Psalm 91
Those who know God and stay under His shelter will fear nothing.

Isaiah 30:21
God will give those who know Him clarity.
- Knowing God will give you the wisdom you need.
- Contentment is impossible outside of God.

Daniel 11:33
Those who know God will be strong and do mighty exploits.

God can make up the difference when we place our trust in Him.
- In God there are every resources we need to live life effectively.
- God makes up for the weaknesses and troubles that Man faces.
- To know God gives you security for the future.

When you know God, you will talk as per normal under abnormal circumstances.
- The Bible keeps you sane.

Your problem isn't as big as you think; it is because you do not know God as you ought to.

2. People to be preserved
How do I keep my heart pure?
- Keep = Preservation (focus on what happens in one's heart).
- John 17:11

Two things destroy human beings - inner and outer life.
- Your biggest problem is within you.

You need to pray for God to protect people's hearts and preserve them from evil because:
* People are God's greatest assets
- For God to do anything on earth, He can only do it through people. However, they need to be useable.
- As a child of God there are certain things you should never compromise on.
- If God does not protect your heart, society is in trouble.
- There are times one cannot pray for the purity of their own hearts and need someone to stand in the gap.
- If someone's heart becomes corrupt, the Kingdom of God is at a lost because God cannot make use of a corrupt heart.
- You need to pray for God to preserve people's hearts.
- God knows if He has your heart, He has your all.

** People are weak and vulnerable

* People are under attack
Proverbs 4:23
- Life is an extension of what is going on in your heart.

To remain on track inside-out is not easy because of life's circumstances.
- To remain pure after life's difficulties is challenging.
- Every squeeze of life brings out what is hidden in your heart.

You cannot have a good heart and act badly towards others.

3. People to be provided for (fulfilled)
When what you expected doesn't happen.
- Pray for God to make people's joy complete by fulfilling His promises over their lives.
- Poverty is the biggest curse on humanity - Bishop TD Jakes.
- God never created you to be dependent on other people.
- No one becomes financially free with one source of income. You need to pray to God to give them wisdom on how to create other streams of income.

God created you to enjoy life and not endure life.

God's purpose is to multiply joy in our lives and not to subtract it.
- Christianity is meant to be enjoyed and not bring sorrow in your life.
- God is able to make your life abound.

Why would God own all and not give anything to His children?

4. People to be protected
Preservation - what's happening within you.
- Inner space that tends to pollute you from within.

Protection - what's happening externally.
- The fiery darts of the enemy aimed at you, externally.

John 10:10; Matthew 17:27-28a
- God never meant your life to be difficult, it is the enemy's doing.

God wants you to be protected from the pervasiveness and seductiveness of the evil one which should never be underestimated.
- 2 Chronicles 18:17-20

5. People to be sanctified
Sanctification - to be instruments in God's hands.
- It is tied to mission - set apart from so that you can fulfill your life's purpose.

Our primary mission on earth is to complete our God given assignments.
- The pursuit of shadow missions is the biggest tragedy of our time.
- Pray for people to stay in thei God given assignments.

Do not settle for less than what God has intented your life to be.
- Purpose filled life is to fear God and doing what He has called you to do.

6. People to be united.
Unity is a powerful witness to the veracity of Christ's Gospel.
- We cannot assume continued unity because it cannot be legislated. By nature unity is a living, organic thing based on love and common identity.
- Love by nature is protective.

When something is worth it, we work for it - Jessica Smatt

The strength of the body is the unity of the body.
- Do all you can to live in unity with others.
- Unity is not very uniformity.

7. People to be brought into a perfect everlasting union with Christ.
- Pray for people to make it to heaven.
- Regardless of the gains made on earth, if people do not make it to heaven life becomes fruitless.
- Pray for people not to miss heaven.

Genuine love must have an object outside of itself to love.

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