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Sun, Jan 13, 2019

The Principle of True Life

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Once your heart is fixed you don't have to worry about your behaviour. Purpose and motive trump over activities. If there is true life then fake life also exists. Wealth accumulation without kingdom purpose is a fake life. Nothing is ever enough if you are pursuing to only accumulate wealth. True life requires partnership with God. "God never calls people to make them less than they are". Saying yes to the call of God is wisdom. You can never say yes to the call of God on your life and live a mediocre life.

Partnership with God

- Do not do life without God
- Whatever is important to God or whatever He is doing, choose to partner with Him. It opens great doors of blessings.

Four important lessons from Father Abraham

1. He left more for less to make it more
Moving out of one's comfort zone to become a seed in God's hand.
- God's call for Abraham to relocate was similar from removing him from a metropolitan city and asking him to move to a village.
- It was a move from abundance to a place of uncertainty

God will require you to move from your comfort zone to a place which seems insignificant but in reality is your fertile ground to increase beyond where you currently are.
- If you want your life to be a miracle put it into God's hands

God calls us differently
- Everyone is called but in different ways.
- Sometimes God's call over your life is very unique and you will need to fully trust God and not allow Man's discouragement to stop you from fulfilling it.
- If you want to start something that will leave a lasting legacy, put your hands into the hands of God.

What are you living for?
- Whatever is not of God is headed for downfall.
- Commit to prioritizing God and His purpose for your life.

Are you a seed or a rock in God's hands?
- A seed in God's hands multiplies
- A rock in God's hands is useless

The temptation of life is to be self centred and miss the true life God has purposed for you.
- True life begins when you focus on how eternity will be because you partnered with God on earth.
- Whatever God does with you stays and grows over time.

The devil focuses on stealing the vision God has for you and tempt you with a life that is self centred and not amount to anything in eternity.

No-one is called by God without the vision of changing what seems insignificant to become significant.
- You begin to know what true life is when you become a seed in God's hands.

Lord, whatever you are doing in this season don't do it without me.

Will you be a seed in God's hands?
- Trust God by putting your life in His hands so that He may use you.
- You know you are truly living when you partner with God.

Genesis 26
Isaac - in process of becoming a blessing to the community, God made him become very wealthy.
- God blesses you when you become a blessing to the community

Where you have been planted, God should never lose.
- Colossians 3:23-24
- When God plants you as a seed, you well surely produce much fruits

Genesis 30:29-30; 43
If you are a true seed in God's hand, wherever you are planted there has to be an evidence of much fruit.
- As a child of God you need to multiply wherever you have been planted
- When you serve God, you will grow exceedingly prosperous.

What is the effect of your presence in the different areas God has planted you in?
- God always works with one person to reach many.
- Romans 5:19

Lord, wherever you plant me, help me not become a source of problems.
- A true source of blessings is never a cause of problems.

 Every time something bothers you, it could be a calling for you to be the agent of change needed.

God will never make you serve Him at a loss.
- Never serve the Lord for the benefits but if His Kingdom.

2. He left all to follow God
For you to live life truly, follow God in complete trust and obedience.
- Even when it doesn't make sense to you, choose to follow God.
- Hebrews 11:8 - Abraham went to a place he didn't know where he was going.

Christians who know their God don't have to know everything.
- Never put too much hope on your life, you have no control of what will happen.

The day you stop debating with God and His faithfulness, you will succeed in life.
- Your behaviour reflects if you trust God or not.
- If you want to live joyously trust God wholly.

Don't trust your mind but God who can preserve you.

3. He let go of self to bless the rest
Be willing to sacrifice self for the sake of others
- Anyone who is selfish is the poorest of the all.

Genesis 30:29-30
-  Christianity never reduces life to a minimum (me, myself & mine) but develops (others) it.

1 Timothy 6:17-18
Never be weary in doing good
- Are you willing to share your time, talents and treasure.

When God isn't with you, your value decreases
- Pray for God to ensure you don't become a professional Christian

You will never enjoy God's fullness of life until you are willing to sacrifice self for others.

4. He lifted God at every stage of his journey
- Turn the worship of Yahweh into a personal lifestyle.
- Your life is not your own, give it back to God.

If one ain't careful, succeeding is a drug.
- True life is characterized by worshiping Christ

When you build altars for God they never die.

You become God's partner when your live a life of worship.

The above 4 points are the foundation's of living the life God has intented for you of partnership with Him.

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