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Wed, Jul 31, 2019

Switch: Kissing Goodbye Cycles of Failure and Defeat - Time of Renewal Day 4

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Following Jesus requires maturity. Maturity is a matter of direction not years, age or experience. For when we follow Jesus we gain influence. Sign of maturity is being led. Maturity is letting yourself be controlled by Jesus, for only he can take you to places you least expected, your destiny.
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Jesus knows how to impose an environment of success.

The one who has invested in following Jesus will reap a 100 fold.
- When we follow Jesus, He puts His shine and fragrance on us so that we can impact the world.
- For you to serve excellently you need to follow Jesus.

Success isn't found in the direction you want to go; it is in the opposite direction.
- You grow spiritually when you learn to say no to self and yes to Christ.

When Jesus takes the wheel of your life, He leaves the highway you were moving on as He is the Way.
- He will take paths that you are not used.
- Jesus will ensure you land where you need to land.

John 21:18
Every Christian is called to be mature regardless how long you have been a Christian.

To let yourself being mastered and led by Jesus.
- He is able to lead you to your destination.
- The essential call of your life is your willingness to go through what you don't want to go through as Jesus leads you.

Jesus will take you through a path that you do not want and you are not familiar with. However, it is on this path that you will reach your full potential, stature, weight in life, etc.
- He will take you to where your life is meant to be.

Jesus detests how you are suffering and the attacks of the enemy on your life. He is taking you off that path and leading you on a path of restoration.
- It is time for you to laugh and for the enemy to cry.
- Jesus is breaking the chains.
- Jesus is going to accomplish in you and through you what you thought was impossible.

Parakletos =Advocate
1 John 2:1
The Holy Spirit is your Defender.
- He is your Warrior.
- He is attracted to the chaos in your life so that He can bring order.
- He wants to change your life, character and your family to bring you to where you need to be.
- He is able to change what no one else can successfully change.
- He will take you from your point of failure to that of your success.

The deepest change in your life will happen in this season and you will be called by the real name that God gave you from the foundation of the earth.

When God prepares your for your calling/ministry, He will take you through a path of pruning.