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Mon, Jul 29, 2019

Switch: Kissing Goodbye Cycles of Failure and Defeat - Time of Renewal Day 2

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When we want to come out of a place of failure, Jesus himself has to create the environment of change - Jesus is a creator of contexts that will bring change to ourlives. You never leave a point of failure unless you follow Jesus. Three major illusions in life: illusion of the goal, direction and competence. God must become everything in our lives - he must be the Goal of our lives, not his hand (what he gives). For when we follow Jesus, we gain Jesus, the light of life.
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John 21:15-19

When you want to come out of a place of failure, Jesus Himself has to create the context for change.
- Peter didn't know how Jesus was going to restore him after he had denied Him three times.
- God knows how to create occasions or situations to bring change in your life.

You will never truly leave the place of failure unless if you follow Jesus.

Three main illusions:

  1. Goal
    Human beings have a tendency of having the wrong goals.
  2. Direction
    Man is able to take a totally wrong direction and invest their life in a futile mission.
  3. Competency
    Thinking you are able whilst in reality you cannot.

1. The Illusion of the Goal
Man are sinners
- Sin = to miss the goal/mark
- Naturally, Man is guided towards failure because of sin.
- Even when Man seems to succeed according to God it isn't success because illusion is leading the Man's world.

The illusion of the goal wastes your time and energy as you will be heading nowhere.
- Many people go to the grave after having missed the goal of their life.

Hannah prayed for a child to prove to Penina that she to could have a child.
- Hannah missed the goal of her life.
- However, as she prayed her attitude changed as prayer made her discover God.
- Every time Man discover God, they fall in love with Him.
- God changed from being a source of children to become Hannah's place of solace and happiness.
- Only when Hannah realized that God was her goal did she finally receive the child she was praying for.
- God needs to be your ALL, your goal in life.

After receiving Christ as your Lord and Saviour, all you need to do is to follow Him as He directs your path.
- When you follow Jesus faithfully, everything in your life is revived.

Peter was willing to follow Jesus in conviction but failed to put it in practice when he denied Him three times.
- John 13:36-37

Luke 14:25-31
Everything you will need to accomplish here on earth is tied on you following Jesus.
- Following Jesus will result in you living a life of impact and not failure.
- You can never live at a loss when you follow Jesus.

You cannot follow Jesus automatically, God will help you as long as you genuinely love and you are wholly committed to Him.
- Paul was able to accomplish more than any other disciple because he invested his all in following Jesus. His goal was to gain Christ.
- Paul's purpose in life was to cease Christ as Christ had ceased him.

Jesus is with you in your journey; He will speak to you through dreams, etc.
- Every calling is glorious because the One who called you is glorious.
- Life becomes hard when you draw away from God.
- Your life is too heavy to carry if your eyes are not on the One who gave it to you.
- You need God's presence.

Our Christianity is affected by auto advancement.
- We are living in a world that focuses on benefits.
- Your true benefits come from following Jesus.
- On your deathbed, you will reflect how you have lived your life and how it has impacted the world according to God's purpose for you.

Gain Jesus the same way as a businessman wants to gain profit.
- You need to calculate the costs and be willing to sacrifice all for the ultimate gain!

For you to live a life free of confusion, you need to follow Jesus.
- John 8:12

Jesus wants to make your life become what He had ought it to be.

Light of life:
Real light gives life.

- When Jesus enlightens you:
* You are invaded by life
- You will feel alive again

** You will have clarity in things regarding your life.
- Your life will be enlightened.