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Sun, Mar 31, 2019

Stages in a Christian Walk

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Christian walk requires perseverance. In a Christian walk there are at least four stages that we have to go through. 1) God puts people above our heads - school of love. 2) He walks us through the fires and waters - school of faith. 3) He brings us out - school of deliverance. 4) Final destiny in a Christian life is abundance - spiritual, material and wisdom.
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Psalm 66:12
"You have allowed our enemies to prevail against us. We have passed through fire and flood, yet in the end You always bring us out better than we were before, saturated with Your goodness."

Christianity has four different seasons.
- Do not give up; the reward for the Christianity walk is for those who persevere till the end.

Four seasons in a christian walk

1. You let men ride over our head.
God will allow you to experience the wickedness of people.
- It is a season where people make it difficult for you to progress and prosper in life.
- Normally, these people are close to you.
- Joseph was attacked and sold into slavery by his own brothers.
- Do not give up on God when this happens.

God allows such a season for it to be a school of love.
- God teaches you through this season to love those who hurt you.
- The Bible says you must love your enemies and vengeance belongs to God.
- Many people give up on this stage.

If you give up now, you won't experience God's purpose and rewards attached to this stage.

When people are over your head, they also try to make you sin and lose your trust in God.
- The Holy Spirit is with you to see you through it all, if you allow Him to.

When you succeed stage one, God takes you to stage two.

2. Pass through fire and waters.
There are times when you are being attacked by people and still go through a season of fire and waters.
- Fire and waters represent life challenges
- God will not leave nor forsake you in the fire and water.
- Be still, God will fight for you.

God allows this to happen as it is His school of faith.
- Life headwinds are there to srengthen your faith.
- In this season it feels like everything you do doesn't work out.

Strong Metal = fire + water
- You can make a metal strong by burning it in a fire and then put it in water.
- You become stronger and unmoveable.

What's important is not God's ability to take you out of the fire but sustaining you through the fiery season.

Do no give up on God at this stage.

3. Deliverance - God will deliver you  ....but you brought us out.
- God will delete the impact of all the bad that has happened to you.

School of deliverance
- God will take out the evil out of your life.
- God will take you out of the evil place.

No matter what you go through, do not stop moving.
- God will deliver you as your progress with life.
- God is going to remove every oppression and suppression that you have been facing.
- The fire and waters you are facing are serving a greater purpose.

In God, there is no deliverance that is impossible.
- You need to believe God for your deliverance.

God is going to ensure that your enemies will either remove themselves or He is going to deliver you.
- There is no place that the hand of God cannot deliver you.

Do not settle to at this stage. God has more for you.

4. God will bring you into abundance
God will give you abundance in all areas of your life.
- This is a stage of more than enough that allows you be a blessing to others.
- He is bringing many opportunities for you to choose from.
- Pray for God to give you wisdom to choose the right opportunities.

Do not give up on God due to the abundance.
-  It is to manage poverty than riches.

Compliments and praise can cause you to fall.
- Flowers hurt more than stones.

In all stages of life, desire God's presence.

Bishop Tshalo - summary
Troubles brought about by people
- school of love = love trumps over everything

Life challenges
 - They help you develop your faith muscles
- Life challenges teach you not to be moved and discouraged.

Divine deliverance
Nothing in life is permanent
- God will fight your battles

Divine abundance
Because oGod will give you more than enough

1 Corinthians 15:58

Do you still have Jesus? What do you make of Him?

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