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Sun, Oct 19, 2014

Lydia, The Best Example of Biblical Generosity and Fruitful Partnership

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To be fruitful with God does not only start from accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal savior, it also begins when you decide to be a partner with God. You can be a child of God but not moving with God. Lydia decided to be where the Holy Spirit was despite her social status. Where she needed to be she was at the right time. When God prompted her to generosity she was found. God uses us differently and those who become successful are those who are moving with the instructions of the Holy Spirit. Generosity is an act of love as God loved us that He gave His only son Jesus. He was showing us how the Gospel operates. Let us walk like Lydia and generously give and be willing to advance the kingdom of God with our talents, time and treasure. For where your treasures are that is where your heart is. God bless you all
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fruitful partnership lydia

Sunday 19 October 2014: Lydia, The Best Example Of Biblical Generosity And Fruitful Partnership

Acts 16:13-15

• To be fruitful with God you need to gain God's perspective.
• What we seek in prayer is the hand of God. Seek His face more and ultimately His heart.
• Interpret life correctly. We know much but understand incorrectly.
• The size of your heart determines how much God can entrust you with.
• When you possess the heart of God, what moves God will also move you.

Understand about the Gospel
1) The Gospel is to be spread to the whole universe .The Gospel is the person and Jesus is the good news.
2) See like God and behave like God.

How do we reverse the mentality of the society to be Christ minded?
• Biblical generosity - start from the generosity of God. Be in touch as a worshipper of God.
Lydia is the best example of biblical generosity and fruitful partnership.
- A big player and successful business woman
- A land owner
- A leader in her own right

Characteristics of Lydia

- She honored and observed the Lord's Day consistently: Hebrews 10:19-25, Deuteronomy 5:12-14, Nehemiah 13:15-22, Psalm 127:1, Proverbs 10:22.
- She was willing to congregate, and meet with people of lower classes yet in high status.
- She was comfortable to spent time with God, to serve Him and to sacrifice for Him.
Three things to worship God with
• Time
• Talent
• Treasure (john 12:1-3)

- She paid attention to things that have been spoken, she listened to learn and respond to growth in faith.
- She was open to the activity and the move of the Holy Spirit. Where the power is, she was found.
- The will of God is the passion for every Christian and should be priority to every child of God.
Move from understanding to accepting God and ultimately to sacrificing for Him. He should be all that matters at all times. God celebrates your fruitfulness with Him.

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