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Sun, Sep 22, 2019

I Can Take You There

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The purpose of prayer is to get wisdom from God for what you are trusting Him for. Big breakthroughs are often the result of divine interposition and effective networking. If God doesn't move anything then nobody can move on your behalf.

Stop crying, your season of spring has arrived, start praying and praising God.
- Pray to God who listens and speaks. God will respond to your prayers supernaturally.
- You did not work in vain, you will recover all, nothing missing.

The purpose of prayer is to get wisdom from God for what you are trusting Him for.

Big breakthroughs are often the result of divine interposition and effective networking.
- For anything to turn around God must move.
- If God doesn't move nothing happens. When He does move, He uses people (effective networking).
- It takes God for your vision to come to pass. Without Him nothing is possible.
- If God is your friend, you have a powerful and resourceful friend.
- God uses people to make you richer so that you can reach more.
- People are the biggest asset that God will ever bless you with.

Four Important Lessons About Big Breakthroughs:

1. Nobody but God
If God doesn't move anything then nobody can move on your behalf.
- Prayer is your survival.
- The devil is not scared of a sleeping nor preaching Church/individual but he is scared of those who pray.
- Prayer isn't a human idea but a God idea.

Do not implement anything without talking to God.
- If God says it, it settles it.
- David spoke to God before he went after the Amekalites.

God is always in control.
- He knows what He is doing even when it seems all hope is lost.
- Focus on God and allow Him to do what He needs to do.
- The day He gives you the vision, it is good as being done because He is sovereign. He doesn't need anyone's permission.

God is in control of the timing when His promises will come to pass.
- He is more concerned about what you will become in the process of waiting on His promises to come to pass.
- He is never stuck! Is there anything too hard for the Lord?
- God has His means of making a way for you.

God is always at work strategically.
- God hardly tells you how and by which means He will fulfill His promises.
- God's divine providence is out of your control. He normally uses the least means you expected.
- His ways are not like our ways. He works in mysterious ways.

God uses the painful and disappointing issues in our lives for our good.

Be at peace that God is in control and He fulfils His promises in His own way and means.

As you walk with God:
* Look back to God's faithfulness
- Remember what God has done for you in the past.
- David could tackle Goliath as he could reflect how God had given him victory when he fought the bear and lion.
- If God did it back then, He is able to do it again.

** Look up and pray
Pray to God who can handle all issues.
- Prayer is God's strategy that He has given to humanity to handle impossible situations.
- Prayer opens your eyes to what you do not know.

* Look forward to God's promises
Every promise that God has given you is certain. Begin celebrating before its manifestation as it is good as being done.
- Never doubt God's faithfulness or what He has told you.

2. Never play anybody down
Never ever underestimate the value of people around you.
- David and his men stumbled upon an Egyptian slave.
- Key relationships are normally stumbled upon. Never undervalue the people God make your path cross with.
- Major breakthroughs come from where you least expect.

The Egyptian was a slave, sick and abandoned but he had key information that David and his men needed to rescue their families and wealth.
- The day you learn not to look down on people you would have matured.
- You don't know where your breakthrough is going to come from. God will allow you to stumble upon someone to accomplish His promises over your life.

Do not only value people for what they have, know or do. You need to also value people for who they are.
- Take time to know people.

Everybody needs somebody sometimes.
- You never know who God will use to help you fulfil your vision. Therefore, learn to rate people well.
- Psalm 138:6

3. Nurture people in your path
Networking is always about giving first before taking.
- Do all you can to be a blessing to others.
- Use your time, talents and treasure to be a blessing.
- Never get into a relationship to take first as it will lead to its destruction.
- If you need a friend, you have to be a friend first.

You cannot nurture everyone but only those who God brings on your path.
- Befriend even strangers. Kindness to others helps us to win their favour and cooperation.
- As you grow as a Christian you need to learn how to nurture relationships.

Take time to invest in relationships.

4. New roles should be embraced from time to time
David moved from being a leader and allowed the Egyptian slave to lead him and his men to their families and wealth.
- For you to be a strong networker you need to be willing to change roles from time to time.

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