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Sun, Oct 14, 2018

Give Credit to Christ

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A thoughtful person will not only recognize the active involvement of Christ in the events of her life, but will also pause and ask about the best possible way to honour Him in some practical ways. Satan has always wanted to harm you. His plans are to Steal, Kill and Destroy. Christ did more than “your Mordecai”. “Christ has always played an incredibly major role, through his providence, in the drama of your life’s experience.” Christ has: Preserved, Protected, Provided, Prospered and Promoted you. Christ deserves more honour and recognition than “your Mordecai” therefore you must: 1) Bless Him at all times. 2) Praise, pray, and pay your dues. 3) Give thanks to Him. 4) Trust, acknowledge, fear, and honour Him.

The devil tends to make you to remember what you need to forget and forget what you need to remember
- The Kingdom of God is joy, peace and righteousness and not accumulation of stuff.

Christianity is about your lifestyle preaching the Good News.

How do you cultivate gratitude?

Esther 2:21-23
Esther made sure she gave credit to the source of the information
- How do you live your life and how have you given credit to Christ for who you are and what you have achieved thus far?
- Humans have a tendency to blame God when things go wrong and they take personal credit when things go right.
- We also tend to thank people and give them credit which is due to God
- Maturity in a child of God is to learn ultimately it is God's grace that allows us to succeed.

Thanksgiving is about what happens within us.
- God's provident hand is always providing and making a way for you.

A thoughtful person will not only recognize the active involvement of Christ in the events of his life, but will also pause and ask about the best possible way to honour Him in practical ways.
- You can never be grateful to Christ and hurt Him at the same time.
- Nothing in your life has happened without God's intervention.
- You appreciate God not just by your Words but by the way you livem

satan has always wanted to harm you.
- Remember that if it has not been for the Lord who is always in your life, the enemy would have swallowed up.
- Isaiah 54:17 - There is a devil thinking of ways to destroy you. But thank God, the devil's plans will not succeed.

If the devil knows your future, he wants to destroy it now.
- There is an enemy that is focused on causing havoc in you life. Thank God for Jesus who fights and conquers all your battles.

 The devil's plan is to steal, kill and destroy - John 10:10
* Stealing
The enemy violates an area of your life so that you do not trust God again
- when the devil manages to steal your innocence, you live life deformed.
* Killing
- Alienating you from God through deception
- Separates you from God through hiding the true knowledge of God and His purpose for your life
- The only way the devil can hurt you is to alienate you from God

If God blesses, the devil can use the same blessings to stop you from worshiping God or uses your hardships to separate you from God
- The devil uses the challenges of life to paint a wrong picture of who God is

*destroys - to annihilate your true purpose in life and make you begin to live for something less than God's best for you.

Christ did more than your Mordecai (whoever you attribute your well-being to)
- nothing can compare to what Christ has done for you.
- The enemy wants to make other people/things take priority over God.

God is looking for a grateful attitude from you regardless of what you are going through
- If you praise people more than God there is a problem.
- Learn to reflect on your life, there are many things to praise God about.
- Learn to focus on what's working in your life.

The devil is defeated when you praise God for the things that didn't work and also thank Him in advance for what He is yet to do in your life.

You need to appreciate people but not at a point of not prioritizing God.
- Christ has always played an incredibly major role, through His provision

Through Salvation Jesus:
-* Preserves your life through the hardships and challenges

-*Protects you from danger

-* Provides for you through His divine providence

-* Prosperity = to move forward
We might prosper at different speed but the fact that you are making progress in life means you are prospering too
- Don't lose sight, God will ensure you reach your destination
- Give God time, He will surprise you.

-* Promotes you -
Everything is a miracle from God
- Learn to thank God on every opportunity you get
- There are many things you can thank God
- Thanksgiving is a choice


What are you doing about Jesus who preserves your life, protects you from danger, provides for your needs and wants, makes you prosper and promotes you?

Christ deserves more honour and recognition than your Mordecai
- "Little honour is done to those who deserve it and fittest for it, and would do most good with it." - Matthew Henry
- We tend to forget longevity and focus on charisma.

You need to be proactive on how you can be a blessing to God:
*  Bless Him at all times - Psalm 34:1
- To empower and make someone prosper
- I will make sure that God's purposes and projects prospers through me and never suffer again.

* Praise, pray and pay your dues - Psalm 116:12-14
- Praise - make God popular
- What is it about you that makes it difficult for you to acknowledge God
- Pay your dues - anything that a Child of God is meant to do

* Give thanks to Him - Psalm 118:1

* Trust, acknowledge, fear and honour God - Proverbs 3

Malachi 1:6-8; 14
Reflection - does the way you honour God super exceed how you honour human beings?
- When you can do better don't do less
- God should never be an after thought

Money plays a less role on how you thank God
- Your heart attitude plays a big role in how grateful you are to God

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