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Sun, Oct 06, 2019

Don't Hurt your Network

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Biblical networking is for mutual enrichment for a greater reach to the glory of God. Yet we tend to hurt this supernatural gift through deep seated destructive aspects of our lives that often changing circumstances tend to expose.

1 Samuel 30:18-31

The challenges you face during your time of struggles are different from the challenges you face during your time of breakthrough.
- Both lead to negative consequences.

The aim of Biblical networking is mutual enrichment for a greater reach to the glory of God. Yet, we tend to hurt this supernatural gift through deep-seated, destructive aspects of our lives that often changing circumstances tend to expose.
- Networks are a gift from God to enrich others and increase our reach for His glory.
- How is God glorified through your behaviour?

When you enter any form of relationship you should make the person better.
- How can you enrich the people in your environment through your time, talents and treasure.

Pain and prosperity helps to uncover things in our lives we didn't know existed in us.
- The men who went to war and found unexpected plunder were not prepared to share it with their fellow fighters who had not gone to the battle.
- They did not share the heart of David who whose generosity was unconditional.
- How can you be a disciple of Christ without sharing His heart?

People find it easier to give their support when someone is going through challenges but find it difficult to offer their support when someone is in a season of breakthrough.

This season is for recovering more than what you have lost.

1. Perspective
Be careful how you read life.
- If you don't read life through the lenses of the cross,  you are in trouble.
- If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change - Wayne Dyer.

When a relationship goes wrong, someone in the relationship lost the right perspective.

How you perceive people determines how you relate to them.
- When you believe that you are self-made, people's value decreased.
- Never look down on people.

David referred to the spoils they found as the spoils from God whilst his men viewed it as David's spoil.
- Every time you think it's about you, then it makes anyone who is not at that level become lower than you.

Matthew 6:22-23
When you think you know then you really don't know.
- Don't live in pride.

Do you have evil people surrounding you?

Many relationships go wrong when you cannot value what God has blessed you with in that relationship.
- Learn to discern the motives of people who advice you.
- Don't hurt people because of your differences.

Be careful of hurting others because of your wrong perspective about them.
- David could have ignored the Egyptian slave but he didn't. The Egyptian possessed information that helped David and his men to recover all that they had lost...and so much more.
- David with all his war experience would not have been able to conquer the Amekalites without the help of the Egyptian.
- Do not overlook people.

Never take glory for something God did through you.
- Learn to acknowledge God in all you do.

1 Corinthians 12:14-25
As a body has different parts the same people who surround us have different roles they play in our lives.

In relationships, sometimes the people you think are the least are actually the people who play a key role in your life.
- There is only One person who is all sufficient, that is, God.

2. Process complexity effectively
Remember that life is too complex and complicated. Therefore, in your approach to things, try to always be simple but never simplistic.

God calls us to be simple not simplistic.
- Simple is an attitude of the heart.
- Simplistic - generalizing everything

Learn to be empathic towards those you interact with.
- Hold your peace before you are tempted to judge others. First hear both sides before making a conclusion.

1 Corinthians 14:20
You need to be mature in your thinking.
- Don't judge people by what you see until you hear their background story.

When it comes to sinning, you need to be like an infant.

When you can't process complex issues, you will destroy relationships.
- When you come across complex issues don't be simplistic.

Don't fight wars that you don't have full background on.

3. Learn to pass the proceeds of divine grace to others too.
- Your handling of things should be characterized by generosity because it will help you secure loyalty in the long run.
- Gratitude is the trait of a noble nature.

You need to show gratitude to people who have been a blessing in your life.
- The biggest gift you give to someone is time.

Give generously your time, talents and treasures to people who have helped you in the past.

You will hurt your network if you don't share them what you have received from God.

Proverbs 3:28; Proverbs 11:2425; Ecclesiastes 5:13, 2 Corinthians  8:10-13-15

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