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Sun, Aug 18, 2019

Compelled by the Love of the Father

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Acts of love do not generally make sense to those who are not in love. The father’s love compels us to be priests unto God, participants in the redemptive work, and partners with Christ in the ministry of reconciliation.

We can never do anything to earn the love of God,  it is unconditional.
- God will never change His mind about you.

Your life has to be ruled by the love of God.
- Treat people based on the way God views them; He was willing for His own Son to die for their salvation.
- You need to love others genuinely.

2 Corinthians 5:14 - 6:1

Compelled by the love of the Father:

Because Christ loved and died for us, we ought to die (to self) for others.

Acts of love do not generally make sense to those who are not in love.
- The love of God should control you and not your emotions.
- Christianity is Christianity because of love.
- Christians are unique because of the love they express to others.
- Were there is genuine love the cost is irrelevant.
- Always reflect on your love for God, is it genuine and are you expressing it to others?

You need to be directed by God's love in all you do.

The Father's love compels us to be:
1. Priests unto God
* Sacrifice - lay your life down
Because Christ laid His life down His life for you, you ought to lay down your life for others.

 1 Peter 2:9 - You are chosen by God.
You belong to God's Kingdom and Jesus is the High Priest.
- You do things for people like you are doing it for God.
- God is calling you to a journey of love.
- Why do you do what you do? Is it for God's glory?

John 15:13; 1 John 3:16
Priesthood = Sacrifice
What are you sacrifing?
- Build an altar where you lay down your carnal desires.
- As you lay down your life, you become whom God has called you to be.

** Intercession - standing in the gap on behalf of others

* Serve others with love
Our love for God and our life for God is expressed in the way we serve others.
- Serve others with your time, talents and treasures.
- Visit others

Hebrews 5:1
You are missing the mark if you do things to please people and not God.
- You need to do what God has called you to do through unconditional love.
- You need to die to self and serve others - 1 Corinthians 10:24

Keep your heart clean and pure at all times.
- Check your motives in all you do.

Phillipians 2:4
Never ignore the pain of those in need. Be a blessing wherever you are.
- Find ways of being a blessing to others. Pay attention to the interest of others.
- Do things without expecting anything in return.

Discipleship is about empowering people to develop a genuine and intimate relationship with God.

Allow the Word of God to cleanse you to be a good priest who serves others genuinely.

God uses our past hurts to become sources of ministry to others.

2. Participants in the redemptive work

God made us new creatures in Christ and has given us the ministry of reconciliation.

God paid the price for us.
- Go out and share the good news with others - Evangelism.
- Be willing to play your part in telling others about Jesus.
- Tell your story! How has God changed/impacted your life?

Reconciliation = change of relationship from enmity to love.
- Help others to be reconciled to God as we have been reconciled to God.

We who have been reconciled to God have the privilege to tell others that they can be reconciled to God as well.
- You have a story to tell.

The ministry of reconciliation has been entrusted to us to tell others that God wants to restore them to have an intimate relationship with Him.
- Matthew 28:19-20
- Bring people back to God.

Do you part by telling your story and inviting people to Church, God will do the rest.
- Your speech should release truth, kindness and life.

Build relationships with the intention of bringing the lost to Christ.
- Pray for them, share your story and the Word of God.
- We are all called to evangelize.

3. Partners with Christ in the ministry of reconciliation
You are an ambassador of the Kingdom of God.
- Ambassadors are more than messengers, they are representatives of the sovereign,  honour and reputation of their country of origin.

As an ambassador of the Kingdom of God, we are here to protect and promote the interests of Christ through:
* speech; behaviour and actions

Live an exemplary life that leads people to Christ and not away from Him.
- Be a good ambassador of Jesus.
- Live your life that God is glorified and you are remembered for your love towards Jesus.
- Don't settle for temporary pleasure but seek to do all you can to live a life that glorifies God.
- Don't settle for less as God is so are you!

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