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Sun, Sep 01, 2019

Be Wise to Network

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Biblical concept of networking is living a life of significance, making others rich and increasing ones reach. Networking requires wisdom, winning while making others win. We must network according to the cross, for the love of Christ makes sacrifice easy and delightful. Hence the cost becomes irrelevant when the cause is big enough and it is motivated by love for God and His people.

Colossians 4:16
Win-Win = learn to position yourself to a life of greater significance.

*Success is self centred.

** Significance is God centred.
¤ Who am I?
- Until you know who you are you will spend time trying to live a life of success and not significance.
- The real value of a human being is who they are.

¤ Why am I here?
- Purpose - why did God put you on earth at this time?

¤ Who is my neighbour?
- How do you perceive people around you?
- Do you use people?
- Whenever you do not think of your neighbour's best interests, you will cause great harm to the community.

Life is about what you have learnt in the years of living and the impact you have made in other people's lives.

Be wise to network - Ephesians 5:15-17

There is a great possibility that you can live life as an unwise person.

Opportunity - kairos
- Opportune time; window.
- Opportunities open and close like a window.
- It is the wrong things that people have been prioritizing that has made the days evil.
- Opportunities come and go, it takes wisdom to maximize each opportunity.

Biblical concept of networking
We will be made rich in every way as well as drastically increase our reach if we stop chasing after success and settle for significance.

- Your presence should make other people around you become better.
- You need to commit to making the areas God has placed you in improve and succeed.

How can we do more and achieve together?

A good friend is one who draws you closer to God and not the one who pulls you away from your Christian faith.

What is your worldview?
- If your perspective is faulty, your reading of the world becomes faulty too.

1. Cursor:
Proverbs 1:22 (NLT)
* Fools
People who lose and make other people lose too.
- The devil wanted to ensure that Adam and Eve would lose out in their relationship with God just like he had.
- There are people in your circle who are not going anywhere in life and are trying to take you with them.
- Make it your priority to cut away people whose aim is to make you lose.

* Simple
Naive - losing whilst making other people win.
- Allowing people to use and abuse you.

* Mischievous
Wicked - winning whilst making others lose.
- How can I take advantage other people?

* Wise
Wisdom - winning whilst making others winners.
- You must be wise.
- How can I make others win as I am winning?
- Who are you making win as you are winning?

Through my service people should become richer and reach more.

You need to use the cross as the lense you view life
- Cross = love and sacrifice
- Christianity is a religion of love and sacrifice.
- As a Christian, you do not take advantage of other people.
- Christianity is about sowing and reaping; sow good seeds into people's lives.
- Go into a relationship to be a blessing. The law of nature will ensure you reap what you have sown.

2. Cause
Why should I do it?
Everything in life is about if it's worth the sacrifice.
- We are all part of the divine design.

 Psalm 24:1
Your level of treatment towards something is dependent on your relationship with the owner.
- You need to treat this world and people living in it knowing that they belong to your Father, God.
- God is honoured when we treat people with love and respect.
- Serve others with excellence even if they seem not to be worth it because they belong to God.
- Biblical networking is connecting with others for the glory of God.
- You should never offer to this world less than best.

When you don't give your best in doing what God has called you to do, you are shooting yourself in the foot.
- We are suffering because people are not giving their best to their calling to the glory of God.
- Everything you do put a stamp of excellence because it is about God.

Acts of love do not often make sense to those who are not in love.

The love of Christ makes sacrifice easy and delightful.
- When you love God and love His people you become an amazing networker.

3. Cost
When the cause is big enough the cost is irrelevant.
- It becomes too costly for you when your perceive the cause not to be big enough for your intervention.

Matthew 2:1-2
The shepherds travelled a total of 3600km to worship Christ.
- The journey took them 4 years to and from.
- What you invest your time, talents and treasures doesn't have to benefit you directly but bring glory back to God.

John 12:1-3
True Worship is serving God with your time (Lazarus fellowshipped with Jesus), talents (Martha served Jesus) and treasure (Mary poured an expensive perfume on Jesus's feet).

The test of a Christian networker is to serve God and His people with their time, talent and treasure.

If Not Me, Then Who? (Travis Manion Foundation)

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