Baptism and communion

Baptism and communion remind us of our connection to Jesus and his people. In Christianity, baptism and communion have been sacred rituals practiced for thousands of years in every culture by people who, by faith, trust in Jesus alone for salvation.

1. What is baptism and why get baptized?

Being baptized is like telling the world that you are now part of God’s family. When you go under the water, it is a picture of what Jesus did when he died on the cross. But it also symbolizes what happened when you decided to follow Christ – basically that you died to yourself and have given your life to God.

When you come out of the water, it is a picture of Jesus rising from the dead. And it also symbolizes what happened to us when we decided to follow Christ. We were made alive. The Bible says we became a “new creation” in Christ (2 Corinthians 5:17)

2. What is required for a person to be baptized?

The only requirement is that a person has chosen to follow Jesus Christ. Following Jesus means submitting your life and will to what He wants, instead of what you want. It means trusting His sacrifice as payment for your sins, therefore making you right with God. When we do this, our first step of obedience is to be baptized.

3. What should I expect before I get baptized?

You will be contacted by someone from the church to answer any questions you might have and verify the dates and time of the next baptism overview . We encourage you to write a brief paragraph about why you want to be baptized, so we can share your story with others.

We encourage you to invite family and friends to attend your baptism service since this may be a time many would consider coming to church with you. 

4. On the day of baptism...

You will arrive early, usually about 30 minutes before the service starts, so that a pastor can explain the details of what will happen during the baptism service.

During baptism you will get into the water (a lake, river, ocean, pool, etc) and be introduced. Someone will read a brief version of your faith story and then a pastor will baptize you by gently leaning you back under the water and quickly standing you back up.

As you leave the pool you will be handed your towel and will proceed to change clothes.