Journey to Maturity Course

The Journey to Maturity course aim is to help disciples grow in the spiritual disciplines and habits that Jesus taught – resulting in steadfast faithfulness and devoted obedience to Jesus. If you are ready to take this course, please fill in the application form below. More details about the course are provided below. 


The course is divided in Four modules and has a total of 16 Lessons. It is an aid to the disciple in fulfilling his biblical responsibilities:

  • Walk with God -- Develop his or her personal relationship with Him
  • Fellowship – Church Services
  • Intimacy -- Small Group with increased accountability for growth
  • Service -- Involvement in some ministry for Christ
  • Evangelism -- Praying for the lost and spontaneously sharing Christ

The modules 

  • New Life in Christ
  • Building a relationship with God
  • Building a Christian Character
  • Becoming a disciple of Christ.

Some of the lessons which are covered include:

  • Problem of Sin
  • Discipline of Prayer
  • Discipline of studying the Word
  • Becoming a disciple of Christ
  • How to develop the Fruit of the Holy Spirit.

Structure of the JTM program

  • Lessons are 2:30 minutes long and practical
  • Classes are held twice a month
  • Physical classes are held on Saturdays at GRC
  • The whole course is 6 months long. (we have a break during the June Holidays for those who attend physical classes.)

Key benefits

  • Facilitator walks the journey with you (checks up on you and prays with you).
  • Assist with your growth in the knowledge and understanding of the Word of God.
  • Build a firm foundation of your Christian journey
  • Progressive growth in faith and maturity
  • Encouragement and equip you to be a witness for Jesus Christ.