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Significance of Organisational Principles (Building A Lasting Legacy - Day 5)
Thu, May 31, 2018
Principles are important for building a lasting legacy. Founding values are like the DNA of the church, they are the support on which everything else stands. Why foundations matter: 1) Unseen part - it is what is done in private. 2) It is Expensive - requires commitment. 3) Non-negotiable parts. 4) Provides Defense. 5) It is the reason behind every Success. 6) Basis of our Authority. 7) Brings Stability. Values need to be passed on and our values come from the Word of God. What are our Values: 1) Sound doctrine (Titus 2:1). 2) Embrace the tenets of our faith as Pentecostal charismatic people. We believe in Jesus Christ the saviour and salvation through his blood. We believe in the gifts of the spirit. We also believe that the church needs to be the Salt and Light of the world.
Contending for the Faith (Building A Lasting Legacy - Day 4)
Wed, May 30, 2018
Jude (Judas) was the Servant of Christ and a Brother of James and Jesus. What was Jude’s Purpose? 1) Confront and denounce the false teachers. 2) Guard and protect the church from danger. 3) Encourage believers to maintain their faith. What was the Problem? 1) . Christ’s Warnings. 2) Paul’s Warnings. 3) Jude’s Warning and Challenge. Two Errors Jude Addressed: 1) License – Jude 4. 2) Rejection of the Lordship of Jesus – Jude 5. How do we Contend for the Faith? 1) Believe it. 2) Proclaim it. 3) Guard it. Dangers Facing Today’s Church and Leaders: 1) Extreme doctrinal teachings. 2) Exaltation of man – humanism. 3) Abandoning the authority of scripture. 4) Consumerism – conforming to worldly standards to attract people. Jude's Challenge to remain strong: 1) Remember God’s Word (Jude 17-18). 2) Build Up Yourselves in Prayer (Jude 20). 3) Show Mercy (Jude 22-23).
A Church of Influence (Building A Lasting Legacy - Day 3)
Tue, May 29, 2018
Influence is the ability to change the course of someone's future. For one to have impact influence is key. Primary Principles of Understanding Influence: 1) Everybody has influence. 2) Influence can be positive or negative. 3) God expects me to use influence. 4) Our influence is for the benefit of others. 5) If I'm not influencing them, they are influencing me. 6) The greatest contributor of influence is trust. Three key influences: people Trust you, people Respect you and people Like you. The Purpose of our Influence: Influence is for two legitimate reasons: 1) Mission - promoting the gospel and 2) Ministry - serving and helping others. God will judge how I use my influence. Two Images of Influence: 1) We are called to be the Salt (seasoning and preservation) and the Light of the world. Six Ways to Make the Greatest Impact With Others: 1) Our integrity. 2) Our words. 3) Our attitude. 4) Our lifestyle. 5) Our care for others and 6) Our prayers. In summation, increased influence will always require a price to be paid. Influence can grow in four different levels: Modeling, Motivation, Mentoring and Multiplying. Be careful who influences you and how you are influencing others.
A Fruitful Church (Building A Lasting Legacy - Day 2)
Mon, May 28, 2018
Building a legacy requires a church to be fruitful. Two prophetic portraits of a fruitful church: Antioch Church and the River of God. Characteristics of the Antioch Church: 1) Radically committed to the power of the gospel. 2) A Multi-cultural Church. 3) They experienced a great harvest. 4) There was an evidence of God’s grace. 5) An Active Five-Fold Ministry - apostles, teachers and prophets. 6) Hungry for God’s Word. 7) Modeled a Christian Lifestyle and 8) A Generous, Giving Church. Secondly, the River of God. God repeatedly used “rivers” as a symbol of His life-giving Spirit. God desires that every church experience the river of God. The River brings blessing and life: 1) The river is a place for fruitful trees to be planted and to grow. 2) The river causes life to spring forth everywhere. 3) The river brings healing and health to everything. 4) The river will be a place for many fish. 5) The river flows out to dry and barren places. There are differing levels and depths for entering into the river. We must Step into God’s River.
Preparing for Legacy (Building A Lasting Legacy - Day 1)
Sun, May 27, 2018
Building a legacy requires preparation. A legacy is an inheritance or quality handed down from a previous generation. Preparing for a legacy requires forward thinking and following basic principles. Fundamentals of Godly a Legacy: 1) Scripture places a priority on one’s legacy. 2) A Godly Legacy has great value. 3) Legacy is built on how we live and serve. 4) God keeps a Legacy Scorecard. 5) Our legacy is a personal choice.
Holy Convocation
Sun, May 20, 2018
In Gods economy festivals where designed for three objectives: 1) Thanksgiving - show appreciation and reflect on the things God has done. 2) Fellowship - with God and with one another. and 3) Prophetic - for telling and forth-telling. Why do we respond to the invitation? We respond to the invitation: 1) According to the value we place on the person who has invited us. 2) Based on what we stand to gain. 3) To show gratitude. What will be your excuse: 1) The invitation is worth the sacrifice, 2) There is enough provision and 3) God is saying everything is ready.
Come Home
Sun, May 13, 2018
"Our biggest struggle in life is to appreciate the life that is truly life as well as our Heavenly Fathers disposition towards us". Religion does not promote relationships. Cause for people to drift away: foolishness, greed, recklessness and rebellion. The course results in people being further and farther in search of freedom and fun. Which leads to crunch time - things beyond human control; hunger and need. Critical steps necessary to head back home: cure, clear thinking (repentance) and concrete steps.
Prophetic Shepherd
Wed, May 09, 2018
A good shepherd lays his life down for the sheep, he never runs but is always on high alert to save the sheep. A good shepherd has compassion and takes responsibility for the lost. Prophetic shepherd sees the lost and takes action to bring them back home. We need to move from mere evangelism to spirit-led, strategic evangelism. The holy spirit needs people that can move urgently. There are so many man and woman who are ready to come back but need people who can work with the holy spirit to bring them back home.
Where Are You?
Sun, May 06, 2018
How we interpret a situation is dependent on our worldview. Hermeneutics is divided into two types - superficial and in-depth interpretation. Souls are valuable to God and so should they be to us. The harvest is plenty but God is need of people that can interpret the message correctly, in-depth interpretation. God is asking where are his people who can reach out to the lost souls. God is looking for people that are filled with his word, full of light, to go evangelise diligently until the lost are saved. When a soul comes home the death of Jesus is justified. The value of souls is invariable , it is permanent, it was set before it all. However usefulness is variable on who is in control of your life, who owns you. All souls are valuable but only those in Gods hand are useful.
You Are Valuable
Sun, Apr 29, 2018
Jesus always sees value in his people, whether they are sinners, tax collectors etc. When we draw near to Jesus to hear him, our lives begin to change and things begin to happen, as he draws near to us. The thing that distracts you is less important than what it distracts you from. Serving is important but knowing the God we serve is more important (Luke 10:38-42). Jesus was not focused on the sin of those that draw near to him but their lostlessness. We also have to be worried about those that are lost rather than judge them, be persistent in evangelism.