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He is Lord over the storms
Sun, Nov 27, 2016
Occasionally God will ask you to do things that you are not comfortable with. You find yourself stuck and start second guessing your act of faith and obedience of the Lord. You are not alone, God is Lord over every storm you might be facing. When you are going through the problems your view is distorted but you need to see with your eyes of faith, fix your eyes on God. You need to move from a place of fear and desperation to worship. Not every storm is orchestrated by the enemy. The purpose of every trial you encounter is that you mature in your faith - acknowledge the supremacy of God in all situations.
Where are you?
Sun, Nov 20, 2016
Your well-being is directly linked to the way you relate to God. God created man to fellowship with him and to have a healthy relationship with him. Three guidelines for a healthy relationship. 1) God made us in his likeness and image. 2) God placed us in a specific environment for a specific mission. When God calls man into a relationship he requires obedience and service. 3) God instructed us what to do and what not to do. There is place we ought to be and when God does not find us he cannot fellowship. God wants to locate us, even if you have drifted away, his grace is available to restore us. John 17:4.
Venturing into unfamiliar territory
Sun, Nov 13, 2016
Life is about venturing, going where you have never been. Five lessons to learn from the lepers. 1.They took initiative. Life presents to all of us problems,what will you do when problems come? You can decide how to act. The lepers refused to live as victims - passengers in life, victim mentality. They took charge of their life. 2.They did not pretend that there was no problem. They accepted their situation and took responsibility because when you move, God moves. 3.They decided to take a step of faith. If you are certain the plan is from God, put your plans into action. Whatever God tells you, do it. 4.They refused to be immobilized by fear. Fear is what prevents people from moving forward, fear not! 5.They persevered. It will take a fight for you to move to the next level. High standards are not achieved by minimal work, you must pay the price.
God's resolve in blessing you
Sun, Nov 06, 2016
God blesses his people for a reason. 1. For all men to know who your God is (Exodus 3:13-15). 2. For all men to see the difference between his people and the rest (Malachi 3:13-18). What makes you the people of God? a. Born into the family by the precious blood of the lamb b. Attracted to purity c. Devoted wholly to him d. Acknowledge that they are mere stewards of the resources entrusted to them e. Made the worship of Yahweh their life's mission 3. For you to be empowered in life (Psalm 33:12). The first blessings you can receive from God: Protection (preservation and provision), Pardon (grace and mercy). Peace (total satisfaction).
The Elijah generation
Wed, Nov 02, 2016
Five lessons we can learn from Elijah. 1. Lesson of usefulness. God uses people who are available, your background does not matter. 2. Lesson of prophecy. The power of the prophetic word - it can shift the trajectory of your life. Prophecy ushers Gods presence and brings revival. 3. Lesson of provision. Do not be concerned about the means just know God is your provider, wherever he guides he supplies. 4. Lesson of obedience. Unquestioning obedience, take God at his word. 5. Lesson of power. We need to demonstrate and translate the power of God in our generation. Are you willing to be part of a generation that ushered revival in your land?
Sun, Oct 30, 2016
Unshakeable Principle of the Spoken Word Proverbs 18:21 – Words contain the power of life and death Proverbs 6:2 – Our words can be destructive. Romans 4 – Our words are creative Mark 11:24 – “…say with your mouth…” Five Faith Declarations for an Unshakeable Life PSALMS 27 1. I will live strong. [Psalms 27:1-3] 2. I will love God’s house passionately.[Psalms 27:4-5] 3. I will hold my head high.[Psalms 27:6] 4. I will pursue a life of holiness.[Psalms 27:11-12] 5. I will not lose heart. [ Psalms 27:13-14]
Sun, Oct 30, 2016
On "THE POWER OF THANKSGIVING" - (Excerpt from Pastor Dominique’s sermon - thanksgiving seminar) - by Bishop Tshalo Katshunga
Six causes of ungratefulness - Thanksgiving Day 3
Tue, Oct 25, 2016
Six causes of ungratefulness. 1. Forgetfulness, oblivion. When things are well we tend to easily forget due to lack of attention (Psalm 103:2), daily preoccupation and due to challenges. 2. No results. We are called to be grateful whether we like it or not, whether it works or not because of conviction. 3. Entitlement. Whatever we receive it is because of grace. 4. Lack - when there is something lacking we tend to focus on it and overlook what is there. 5. Pride - undermining things. 6.Not seeing God.
The power of thanksgiving - Day 2
Mon, Oct 24, 2016
Thanksgiving is manifested in three ways. By your Word, which reflect your being. The reason why storms come, the devil wants you to change your language. You have liberty to direct your life the way you want and God responds to what he hears. Secondly, by your Conduct, behavior - how you respond to situations. Lastly by your Action, when you are grateful you want to do something in return. Gratefulness is an initiative from the heart. Our ungratefulness is blocking us from receiving greater things.
The power of thanksgiving - Day 1
Sun, Oct 23, 2016
Life is fragile, it depends and is controlled by God. In every situation we face there are always two realities - heavenly reality, divine perspective and earthly reality.We normally react to what we see. However we have limited knowledge of Gods power and Gods plan.Our attitude will determine what happens. We have a choice to react in a way that will praise God and bring restoration.