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Show Up
Sun, Aug 12, 2018
If you really care, with God’s help, you can make amazing things happen for the Kingdom. 1) Purposes of God - What is God up to? a) Redeem the land (worship). b) Revive his people (reform). c) Restore his people’s dignity and security (reconstruction). 2) Power of perception - What do you see?Three major crises: a) religious disconnect. b) cultural identity. c) economic hardship. 3) Player on God’s team - what are you going to do about it? Since history is moving towards its culmination: a) Be willing to play your part. Understands that you’re part of something bigger. b) Be prepared to move away from the comfort and security of this world for something bigger and better. c) Be prepared to get involved with ‘God-size’ assignments.
The Future is Bright
Sun, Aug 05, 2018
Seemingly impossible things, even a resurrection from death to life, are possible when God is involved. Six reasons why the future is bright: 1) God is with Us (Num 23:21). 2) God is unfazed by the size of human challenges. 3) God is not a Son of Man (2 Chro 20:12). A limited servant of God whose mission can only succeed through His power. 4) God’s Word in our mouths is very potent (Isai 55:10-11). There’s an innate power of the divine Word to fulfil its purpose. 5) God moves in response to prayer (Acts 9:11). 6) God’s glory is at stake. a) Our lives, b) Our contribution, c) Our covenant and d) His reputation.
Anointed to Do Good Works - Time of Renewal Day 6
Fri, Aug 03, 2018
You cannot live next to Jesus if you are an opportunist (doing things for your own interest). An opportunist does not serve God but work for themselves. For example, Elisha served Elijah whole heartedly; the prodigal son only wanted his inheritance. Prodigal ministries always end in misery. The only person an opportunist serves is self. A priest serves God. Many people focus on their destinies instead of serving God. Your destiny is Jesus, He is the purpose and goal.
Anointed to Do Good Works - Time of Renewal Day 5
Thu, Aug 02, 2018
You have authority to influence. You cannot follow Jesus if you have not broken away from worldly influence. True leadership is following the Master Jesus. Authority frees us from slavery. You cannot live in close relationship with God if you are a slave to the world.
Anointed to Do Good Works - Time of Renewal Day 4
Wed, Aug 01, 2018
The four creatures were created by God according to His expectation of total adoration. Each creature reflects the character of Jesus. The inner circle of God is the circle of the living. Circle of living = your intimate communion with God.
Cultivating the Presence of God - Time of Renewal Day 3
Tue, Jul 31, 2018
There are good works that will please God and there are good works that will please our conscience. There can never be true good work which is not from God. Not all good work is done with the right motive. Never do good works as a way of vengeance (proving a point). Beware of living a life focused on just attaining and neglecting the real focus of good works which is to please God.
Anointed to Do Good Works - Time of Renewal Day 2
Mon, Jul 30, 2018
The power for you to do good work is connected to God’s presence being with you. You need to know Whom you have believed. You serve others more effectively once your relationship with God is stable and secure. God is able to anoint you to ensure that everything He planned for you to do is successful.
Anointing of Good Works - Time of Renewal Day 1
Sun, Jul 29, 2018
For good works to happen in our lives and through our lives we need the presence of God. Good works require the power of God to be released. God must be involved for good works to happen. Anointing of good works requires preparation of character for God to be able to manifest his power.
Get in Step with the Christ
Sun, Jul 22, 2018
In order to keep our faith relevant in this generation our claims must be matched by our conduct. Christianity is not talk but a walk, we must walk as Jesus did. Biggest barrier to soul winning - Prejudice: Cultural, Racial, National and Religious. The first liberating and empowering truth is that: 1) Jesus Christ is Lord of all. 2) Jesus Christ is a role model for us all because a) his mission was divine, b) his purpose was redemptive, c) his scope was universal and d) his involvement signaled the triumph of love. The purpose of the anointing is to empower people to function: a) Prophets declare, b) Priests provide and c) Kings supply.
Building Character to Protect the Legacy
Sun, Jul 15, 2018
A Christian walk must be anointed to be effective. Character will protect your anointing, but your anointing will not protect your character. If you are given before you are made, you will make a big mess of that which you are given (Isaiah 64:8). Character traits required to protect the legacy - 1) Faithfulness to the Lord. Faithfulness to God is our fortification; it prevents the enemy from robbing us. 2) Being legacy-minded - understanding the true value of the legacy. 3) Honouring the Lord more than people. 4) A heart set on seeking God. We are first ministers to God before we are ministers of God. God wants to mould us so that we may have the kind of character that will protect the legacy of our fathers.