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God of the Eleventh Hour
Sun, Dec 09, 2018
Life is a competition and until the last whistle goes off you cannot give up but have to push. God wants us to have faith when he speaks. We must not give into the pressure. We must put pressure on the devil rather than allow him to put pressure on us. Whatever God says, he does it, he doesn't forget. 2018 is a year of laughter and whatever happens to us we must not lose focus. All that the devil does is to distract us so we shift focus, he comes to break momentum (Matt. 24: 28-31). Focus is a critical trait for a faith filled christian. How to stay focused: 1) Call on God. As humans we are limited. Only God can define God, we know in part. 2) Worship God. The nature of God (the being), is greater than what He is capable of (His doings). Similarly worship (who God is) is much greater that praise (what God does). When we worship we can win major battles in a very calm way.
Trust in the God of Great Deeds
Sun, Dec 02, 2018
It’s better to trust in a God who is big enough to respond to our many needs with his great deeds. To look somewhere else for provision and protection is both foolishness and vanity. 1) Great Deeds (Gens. 3:21). Man’s many needs demand for a God who can respond with great deeds. God’s great deeds in response to our many needs are predicated on account of his nature. 2) Great God. His greatness, in contrast to the vanity of idols, is vindicated by: His position and His disposition. He is Great God because of His ability to: a) think b) speak c) see d) hear e) discern f) feel g) act (Exo. 3:7-10). 3) Great Wisdom. Wise people trust in God. Choose to trust in God and enjoy his blessing
Obeying Your Way to Blessings
Sun, Nov 25, 2018
When God asks how rich are you, God is not asking about your net worth on the fruit level but on the root level. When God made Man, He blessed Him. Man knew no lack when God blessed Him. Lack never existed in the human race under the blessing of God. It only became a reality when Man yielded to its spirit. You are a joint heir with Jesus Christ. At your roots you are connected with Christ. Set your affections on things above. Be more focused on the root level so that more of Christ's likeness can be experienced at your fruit level. We need to follow the pattern of Abraham, live a life full of blessings. God wanted Abraham to be an example of Himself (John 3:16). Abraham did not resist nor disobeyed God even though it meant sacrificing his beloved son. Whenever God gives you direction, your obedience is an act of worship and there is no loss you will experience when you worship God. God has already provided for you and He is waiting for you to obey so that your eyes can open to see what He has in store of you. God didn't wait for Abraham to need the sacrifice; the sacrifice was provided for ahead of time. Whenever God tells you to do  something,  He is drawing you to reach the place where His provision is waiting for you to obey. Obedience is not for God but for you to advance to what He has seen to for your life.
Ways to Make the Most of a Divine Visitation
Sun, Nov 18, 2018
Divine Visitations are generally intended to turn a bad situation into a good one. They are often a sovereign act of God in response to the prayers of His people. Wise people turn to God because they realize that human powerlessness can only be effectively fixed by him alone who can transform situations of human helplessness. God is able to do great things for those who choose to trust and obey him - Gen. 21:1-2 & Exo. 3:7-10. What should be our presuppositions: 1) Challenging times have an expiry date. 2) God is sovereign and in control. 3) God is merciful. 4) God is the great cause of all good. What should be our Posture: “When people selfishly satisfy their personal desires at all costs, everyone pays the price”. 1) Shift. “Look away from, Look to (Cradle-love, Cross-mercy, Crown-grace)”. 2) Switch. “Discover things to get rid of, things to do, and things to beware”. 3) Select. “Find a committed minority ones”. 4) Act. “Move with focus and determination”. Psa. 1:1-2 & 121:1-2; 2 Cor. 3:18 & Heb. 12:1-2.
 It is a Great Thing to Serve the Lord
Sun, Nov 11, 2018
In the final analysis, there will be a distinction between those who serve God and those who do not. It may not seem like it now but it will be so. Psalm 27:4 -  make a commitment to dedicate your life to the will of God. You need to locate yourself in God's presence and His Church. When you serve God and be present in His House, your life will change for the better. Benefits of serving the Lord: 1) There is beauty that comes in our lives when we stay in the House of the Lord - Psalm 27:4. God makes us beautiful; He turns around our lives for the better. God specializes in changing lives of those who hold onto Him against all odds. 2) There is safety in times of trouble for those who remain in God's presence - Psalm 27:5. It doesn't mean you won't face problems. It means that God will be with you during and will see you through the hard times. 3) Revelations 7:13-17: a) There shall never hunger. God satisfies the hunger of our souls. God will take care of your needs including spiritual ones. It is only when you are in God's house when your life will have a meaningful purpose. b) God will quench your thirst. c) God will protect you God will build a hedge around everything that concerns. d) God will feed you God will feed you with His Word which is applicable to your life - He will ensure that His Word will grow you to become who He has called you to be. e) God will lead you to living waters - He will refresh your soul. f) God will wipe away every tear from your eyes. When you decide to serve God and dwell in House, there will be a distinction between you and the wicked.
Soul Winning: The Biggest Priority of our Christian Mission
Sun, Nov 04, 2018
“The unfinished work of the Church is to make sure every person on earth hears about the finished work of the Cross” Louie Giglio. If a church becomes a social movement it faces the danger of self-centred living; rooted in traditionalism, pride, and exclusivity. This kind of church will miss the point as well as her reward. An unhealthy preoccupation with personal possessions and natural affections is the main reason why many reject the gracious invitation of God. People come up with lame excuses when their priority is out of order. There will still be a great banquet with many people in attendance based on three facts: a) What God purpose to do will always prevail. b) There is a category of people who will respond to God’s gracious invitation in honour of a sacrificial preparation; the deficient and the destitute. c)There is an effective method which will produce better results; ANAGKAZO - Persuade. Where there’s a need, God raises a servant. Change their opinion through communion.
Thanksgiving Seminar: Biblical Reasons for Thanksgiving
Tue, Oct 30, 2018
Thanksgiving is not an abstract or loosely existing idea. It is relational and is driven by love and not compliance. It is a response to a benefit or an act of kindness. Biblical Reasons for Thanksgiving: 1) It is a command (1 Chr. 16:8). It is an act of obedience that leads to righteousness. 2) It is a password into God’s presence (Ps. 95:2). You cannot murmur, complain and worship at the same time. 3) It is a response to God’s goodness (Ps. 107:21-22). 4) It is the believer’s lifestyle (Phil. 4:6; Col. 4:2). It is a way of life. What is the cause for your gratitude to God? There has to be a purpose to practice obedience through thanksgiving. Always use the password of thanksgiving into His presence.
Thanksgiving Seminar: Introduction to Thanksgiving
Mon, Oct 29, 2018
Thanksgiving is extending one's hand to appreciate God for what he has done and for who he is. Extension of hands is a reflection of what is in the heart. Foundational principles of thanksgiving: 1) It is relational (Psalm 79:13). 2) It is objective. It is not ambiguous, it is has a goal and a reason (Psalm 106:1). 3) It is free-willed - it is not forced but rather spontaneous (Leviticus 22:29). Hence we need to be clear about our personal relationship with God and heavenly register needs to be updated so that as we bring our thanksgiving it is registered in heaven. Secondly, be clear and precise about the reason for thanksgiving. Lastly, we need to remember to give thanks out of free-will.
Thanksgiving Seminar: Uncommon Optimism of God
Sun, Oct 28, 2018
When God chooses to walk with someone the state they are in does not matter. For there is something about God that is different to man. God always looks at the positive side. Thanksgiving is a function of relationship and accrued value out of that relationship. Tenacity of the love of God: 1) God perfects what he begins (Phil 1:16; Psalm 138:8). Christian faith is always under construction. 2) His love is persistent, pursuing and tireless (Exo 3:4; Judges 6:11-24). God loves even when there is no reason to. 3) God selection is sovereign (1 Cor 1:2-29; Judges 6:15). Walking with God is not about who you are but who you are with. God is always looking for what is best. Brokenness and failure need not to be final
Giving Gifts Befitting Your God
Sun, Oct 21, 2018
Gift-giving, whether for pacification or appreciation purposes, is an ancient practice as old as humanity itself. But what we have never been good at is to understand the motivations and outcomes of this practice.Motivation: 1) Performance - this kind is the cheapest and easiest way to honour your God. The action is normally in response to some action that directly benefits us. 2) Person -this kind is costly as it is based on relationship and principle of honour. The action is in response to the revelation of who God is. 3) Prophetic - prayerful individuals. This kind is often is response to some divine revelation. Mount Moriah had both a rich history and a rich future. Outcomes: 1) Affluence 2) Influence.