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Turning your dream into reality
Sun, Sep 22, 2013
Turning your dream into reality: 1. The Dreamer must exist 2. Write the vision 3. Agree with God 4. Be creative 5. Walk in the dream
Tue, Sep 10, 2013
The Christian Church in SA must join hands with them to oppose this attack on religious freedoms. The attacks on the family and Christian beliefs and constitutional freedoms will only intensify if the Christian Church does not formulate a strong, sustainable and united response.
Sun, Sep 08, 2013
The enemy hates anybody who comes to be a blessing to the people of God. Every time you want to do something of great significance in the kingdom of God, the enemy will attempt to take you out. A Christian who is afraid to pick a fight with the enemy Satan is committing suicide. The world we live in is a dark world, when you try to bring the light into it, darkness will always fight back. The nature of the truth is some in this world are agents of light and others of darkness.
Sun, Sep 01, 2013
It is time for Gospel Ramah Church to take off. There are times in the life of an individual or community called season that we have cooperate with. This is the time no-one can stand and stop the ascendance of Gospel Ramah Church. It is impossible for anybody to defeat the church of God. Who can stop God? There is no-one who is more powerful than a Christian who is with God. The speed of the aeroplane when taking off does not allow a turn back or breaking. It can only go forward and not come back.
How to maintain an Unshakable Faith in a Hostile World
Sun, Aug 25, 2013
Everything the world does is to fight faith and tell you that God is not dependable and not able to take care of you. Faith is a lifestyle, a way of life we choose to live. It means adopt and embrace a lifestyle that is different from the common. Every lifestyle has 2 components: attitude and behavior... You can not have faith in God and use words like: where is God? If there was a God why my problems are not finishing? Whatever you go through in life maintain an unshakeable faith.
Basics of Economics & Finance
Wed, Aug 21, 2013
Finance is a branch of economics concerned with resource allocation as well as resource management, acquisition and investment. Accounting is a systematic process of identifying, recording, measuring, classifying, verifying, summarizing, interpreting and communicating financial information
Sun, Aug 18, 2013
When you cling to stuffs they become god and you begin to worship them. When you use them to worship God then the whole equation of life balances. The reason why Jesus accepted the biggest punishment is because his eyes saw the reward and joy set before him.
Sun, Aug 11, 2013
You cannot call yourself a son of God if you do not have the spirit of God. It is the Spirit that gives testimony that we are sons of God. The source of our testimony, our knowledge and our encounter with God is based on the leading of the Spirit of God. Wisdom is the ability to apply knowledge and experience appropriately. Revelation is the insight. It is possible to love God but yet remain spiritually blind. It is not good enough to say I know God, I love God, I come to church; you need to know a bit more about God and have an insight about God.