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Take the baby to the mother
Sun, Aug 03, 2014
When the Shunammite's son died she most probably made these 2 confessions: Confession 1... "There will be no funeral here!" What is your confession when faced with a dead situation? Confession 2... "My mouth will not announce the works of the devil!" Whose works do you announce? What is it that you have been nurturing that has died on your lap? In this season God is dealing with things in your life that you been carrying and they have died on your lap.
They Engaged in Prayer
Sun, Jul 27, 2014
Creation purpose is for dominion before worship. In “Psalms 8” God has ordained praise on the lips of infants and tongues of babes (imperfect, immature, prone to weakness). Praise is a billboard to proclaim God's power. The way we beat the devil is by being billboards; our lifestyle proclaims and publicizes God's reality. When pressure is put on us by the devil we must not be pushed into crying, complaining, and murmuring. For the sake of the One who saved you, stand tall and shake off anything which is and ENGAGE IN PRAYER
Ecclesia on Pentecost
Sun, Jul 20, 2014
The work of the Holy Spirit is first internal before external. He changes your behavior; realigns your work/expertise with His word i.e. your belief system changes. When the Holy Spirit comes into your life He gives you boldness. The anointing of the Holy Spirit: i) Preaching the gospel to the poor - Preach at all times, if necessary use words. ii) Heals the broken hearted iii) Proclaims liberty to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind iv) Proclaims the acceptable year of the Lord (Jubilee)
Empowered by the Holy Spirit
Sun, Jul 13, 2014
A life of conviction is stronger than a life of faith. 4 Convictions of the church in Acts 2: 1) They were convinced that they were called by God. 2) They were convinced that they were called out of the world. 3) They were called above the world into fellowship with God. 4) They were called for the world.
The Symbols of the Holy Spirit
Sun, Jun 29, 2014
Symbols of the Holy Spirit: a) Wind - represents the invisible power of God which gives guidance and direction. b) Fire - refines and removes impurities (e.g. Lying, low self esteem) in our lives c) River d) Oil e) Rain f) Dove
Empowered by the Holy Spirit
Sun, Jun 22, 2014
When the Holy Spirit comes upon you, you do the things you never did before. Consider it a favour when God asks you to do something. It is grace when God choses you among many He could have went to. The only thing that can happen to the will of God is delay, it can never fail. God takes care of His plans and He is focused to see His will come to pass. The church exists to bring people to Christ, if there are no new people coming in, then the church has lost its meaning. When last did you bring the new person in the kingdom of God? Do not lose a meaning to win souls. Wonder why church is not moving, it has lost appetite to move out. The Holy Spirit gives the appetite to win souls. A united front is a blessed front; unity is where the power is. Sometimes we are united without plan. Never underestimate the power of planning. Moving forward with the Holy Spirit!
Empowered by the Holy Spirit
Sun, Jun 15, 2014
The only power that changes lives is the Holy Spirit. The Source of life is the only power that can change lives. A church without the Holy Spirit can not impact the city. Church is a place of people who are valuable to God. Reasons for the existence of church: to be a life-giving center, to bring understanding and to bring love where there is hatred.
The Great Strategy
Sun, Jun 08, 2014
The two huge mountains in Christianity are the Great commandment and the Great commission. A) Great commandment: Love God with all your mind (intellect), soul (feelings/emotions ) , heart (will) & strength and love your neighbour as yourself. Show love, live in love and demonstrate love. B) Great commission: Don't evangelise but disciple. To evangelise is to proclaim, to disciple is to make into the image and likeness of Christ. The bridge between the two mountains is the Church. Jesus started and the Body will continue with the work.
Keys for societal reform
Wed, May 28, 2014
How to have societal reform: A] Raise disciples with a divine mandate of impacting the different kingdoms. B] To change the generation you need to know it. C] Know the system. D] Enter the system. E] Become influential.
It is time for societal reform
Tue, May 27, 2014
The church has become sympathetic (passive), but in this season God is raising an empathetic (active) church because it’s time to change things! First way to effect societal reform: Raise disciples. Disciples walk in the principles of God; we are not a group of followers. Acts 1 speaks of Christians because the people who were the reference were doing what Jesus Christ did. The church is not supposed to be a high maintenance centre handing out miracles but a perfecting centre for societal reform.