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Behold, I make all things new: Day 2
Mon, Mar 02, 2015
A New experience is the capacity of an issue to be solved without the conventional way. The Holy Spirit will carry you to a new experience - be ready to be covered by the Holy Spirit like Mary (mother of Jesus). Never stop to confess because of the past/yesterday experiences. People have different experiences: your experience is not mine.
Behold, I make all things new
Sun, Mar 01, 2015
The Holy Spirit is the presence of God in our lives, which propels us to our destinies and introduces us to our capabilities. It is through Him that we align with our purpose in God. We can thus only go as far as we allow Him to take us. Through our level of sacrifice and obedience to God, He can mould us to becoming new people to advance the kingdom. Integrity and sacrifice is a necessity to becoming the reflection of God.The voice of God is simple but powerful, that is how He leads us to and from the place of wilderness, which is why fellowship with Him is necessary.
Vision Talk 2015
Sun, Feb 22, 2015
Vision Talk is a divine mandate, a directive from God to His people, to achieve what He wants to achieve. It is God coming and telling us ‘these are my dreams, the things I want to achieve. Would you join me into achieving them?’ The point of departure is getting into an agreement with the Almighty God. "Do two walk together unless they have agreed to do so"? Amos 3:3
The efficacy of your friendship with God
Sun, Feb 15, 2015
God’s desire and design is that you make significant progress and development in life. Robin Jones Glenn said: “If you want to go fast, go alone. But if you want to go far, go together.” Someone else has said that if you can count your friends on the fingers of one hand you’re blessed. The subject of friendship in the bible is meant to make a deep impression upon the mind
What meaning do you attribute to your life?
Sun, Feb 08, 2015
The way life works is that we all learn to live from somebody; parents, peers, people around us or even papers we read and programmes we watch. We become what we are exposed to. Who Jesus is in your life determines who is Lord over your life - if he is Lord in your life, your life will change and progress. What meaning do you give to your life? Life being meaningless or Life being meaningful?
Preparatory Packaging
Sun, Feb 01, 2015
God prepares us for our blessings though the preparatory packages. There is always a painful preparation that comes before the blessing. God's blessing make rich and do not add sorrow. Question the blessing when it adds sorrow to your life.
Fixing your eyes on Jesus
Sun, Jan 25, 2015
Looking (KJV), Fixing (NIV) means: to consider attentively, to stare at, to attend to, to experience, to behold, to take notice. It means to look away from other things so that you can focus all your attention on one object. When we fix our eyes on Jesus, he fixes our impossible situations.
Living a life that glorifies God
Sun, Jan 18, 2015
Christian life is expressed in 5 areas: Worship, Fellowship, Discipleship, Service, Evangelism. Fellowship is defined as the coming together for building one another up. Holy Communion is an example of fellowship
What kind of God is this?
Thu, Jan 15, 2015
What kind of God is this? He speaks a promise and only fulfills it after years. What kind of God will allow you to lose a job, yet you are born again? What kind of God can allow you to become an embarrassment in the community? He sees you stranded but keeps silent.
My House shall be a house of prayer
Mon, Jan 12, 2015
A house of prayer is: 1. A place where those who have been alienated from their promises and blessings of the kingdom of God can find a place to cry to God and be ministered to. - It's a place where the good news must be preached. - Church is "church" only when it transforms someone life. 2. It's a place where the brokenhearted can find healing for their hearts. - we cannot be a church when people are still depressed and oppressed in church