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Bringing the Kingdom to your generation
Sun, Sep 06, 2015
To each and every person that believes, God is residing. The Jesus inside of you likes to peep and show himself - Don't hide him. God is taking himself from the heavens to a level where He can be reached (low enough for the poor, high enough for the rich). The last days are a way to show who God is in our lives.It is important for every christian to connect to what Jesus knows. We need to know the power of God's resurrection.
The three potential pitfalls as you follow Jesus Christ
Sun, Aug 30, 2015
Billions of lives throughout history have been impacted by these two words “Follow me” ; the course of their lives being altered forever. Who he was, what he became, and why he came moved people’s hearts, minds, souls, and strength over the centuries. The three potential pitfalls you might face as you following Jesus Christ are: 1. Loss of perspective 2. Cost and sacrifice 3. Unchecked, unchallenged motives. What does Jesus see in us when he calls us to follow him?
3 compelling reasons why you should follow Jesus Christ
Sun, Aug 23, 2015
We are somehow constantly influenced either by the force of evil or that of good. These moral, social, and cultural influences are generally exerted on us by permission. Matthew 6:9-13. Three compelling reasons why Jesus Christ’s leadership is indispensable: 1. His Identity - Jesus Christ is God. 2. His Identification (with humanity) - God, through Jesus Christ has become one of us. 3. His Intention – God, through Jesus Christ came to give us life in its fullness. The abundant Christian life is a package called SALVATION.
Victorious Living -
Sun, Aug 16, 2015
The will of God is for the word of God to be preached, but only in a way that is pleasing to God. When things are done God's way (God's order), they always bring blessings. Doing things in God's way will allow you to walk in the authority of God. People have changed the order of things - putting material needs before souls. Which order are you following? God's order (way of doing things) or your own order?
Victorious Living -
Wed, Aug 12, 2015
God is not unjust, He is not biased and will not abuse you - God is faithful and just in your life. God rewards those that serve Him - He pays service not christianity. God is moved by those that honour Him. You need perserverence/endurance: 1. As you serve, God is also training and teaching you 2. There will be a time we feel like giving up 3. There will be adversity/resistance. Continue to have faith as you serve the Lord
Victorious Living -
Tue, Aug 11, 2015
The dream of God for your life is bigger than the dream you have for your life – The only thing is to trust Him. Always check yourself because you might end up falling into professionalism. When you heart is moved, you do not check the title or identity of the person. Elements we must take note of in order to win the lost: 1. Love - REMOVE indifference, Selfishness, Professionalism. EMBRACE compassion 2. KNOW the Heart of the Father 3. UNDERSTAND the Purpose of your existence
Victorious Living -
Mon, Aug 10, 2015
When God knows the priority and what is important in your life that when He is in your life, there is order and productivity. First, seek the kingdom of heaven – that is our responsibility. Our responsibilities in the Kingdom are: 1.To Believe 2. To be committed (engage) 3. To experience for yourself 4. To exhort/encourage one another
Victorious Living -
Sun, Aug 09, 2015
The global mandate for Christians is the Great commission. For global mandate to take place there must be a change to attitude towards the great commission. 3 things that will help us change our attitude are: 1. Jesus has universal attitude - Jesus is in charge of everything (heaven & earth). His authority is universal. 2. Deal with the issue of attitude as far as spiritual leaders’ authority is concerned. Spiritual authority should be worthy of being submitted to. 3. Our own authority as people of God over the society. (a)Go out there and be a Christian. (b)Get into prayer - seriously into prayer. (c) Proclaim. There is an urgency of carrying out the great commission - a shift in the landscape of society is imminent
Time of Renewal - Prayer & Exhortation
Thu, Aug 06, 2015
When you reach to a place of saying "How do I?" you acknowledge that you are limited and only God can do it for you. You need to uproot that which has been planted that is not needed. You need to pull down things that have been built and established (Strongholds and Imaginations). It is your dream that needs to be planted in this season. What God says will come to pass if you believe it or not
The Father's original intent for man & church (Part 4)
Wed, Aug 05, 2015
God will raise churches to show that it is possible to break the limitations. God will continue to push the church. Everything started by God has a tendency to grow – if it does not grow, there is something wrong. God installed growth and multiplication in everything that He does - that is why the church is growing. God is raising a generation of altar breakers who will use the same materials to build an altar unto God. All of us have a season to set on stage and prepare the next generation. We need to cultivate a generation that is filled with righteousness and holiness.