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Lydia, The Best Example of Biblical Generosity and Fruitful Partnership
Sun, Oct 19, 2014
To be fruitful with God does not only start from accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and personal savior, it also begins when you decide to be a partner with God. You can be a child of God but not moving with God. Lydia decided to be where the Holy Spirit was despite her social status. Where she needed to be she was at the right time. When God prompted her to generosity she was found. God uses us differently and those who become successful are those who are moving with the instructions of the Holy Spirit. Generosity is an act of love as God loved us that He gave His only son Jesus. He was showing us how the Gospel operates. Let us walk like Lydia and generously give and be willing to advance the kingdom of God with our talents, time and treasure. For where your treasures are that is where your heart is. God bless you all
Fruitful Partnership with God
Sun, Oct 12, 2014
We need to learn to see the world's desperation as God sees it. We are often relaxed because we do not see with a heart of compassion. Relationships or unions that produce useful results for the Kingdom of God are very rare in the world today. What is required for a fruitful partnership for God's Kingdom? 1. See correctly 2. Reach the correct conclusion
Surviving Success
Sun, Oct 05, 2014
Always remember God made you to be where you are today; He alone deserves the glory. When you remember what God has done for you, you will always keep in mind that without Him you are nothing. We need to know how to be successful and relevant in our community. King Hezekiah did not survive success because: I. He started attributing his success to himself II. He stopped being loyal and committed to God III. He stopped thinking generationally (He prioritized self) IV. He stopped being indebted to God V. He stopped giving to God, that which He was worthy of. Do not let wealth and success kill generosity. Being generous complies with who we are in Christ. Sometimes we miss opportunities to be a blessing to someone because of our own internal struggles with giving. We give because God makes it possible for us to give; freely we have received & freely we must give
The church on another stage
Sun, Sep 28, 2014
The purpose of the church is to affect the city in a great way. When a global crisis happens God moves man onto another level. The city church is the solution to the global crisis:To bring lasting solutions to humans problems and for kingdom expansion. 4 elements to be filled with in order to function on another level and another stage: 1. Be filled with the word of God. 2. Be filled with the faith of God. 3. Be filled with the spirit of God. 4. Be filled with thr love of God
5 Steps to access the virtues of grace
Sun, Sep 21, 2014
None of us is bound to doom. Our lives are product of our choices. Because of faith, Noah and his family found grace. They experienced what it means to be saved even before the salvation came. Abraham because of faith, found favour with the Lord and received grace to be called righteous even before the time of the righteous came. By accessing the virtues of grace, we also will live in coming times excelling in the glory of the Master in heaven. We are called to obedience and submission to God, the man of God and the ministry of God. By obedience we unlock favour, and as we live in faith we are sustained by grace. Know the virtues to access grace and live in abundance.
Break through Your Glass Ceilings to Get Your Breakthrough
Sun, Sep 14, 2014
Breakthrough is the capacity to overcome or penetrate an obstacle. There are areas were we face barriers and it only takes God to set you free from these barriers. There are three mental barriers that keep people from breaking through: I. One way traffic mentality - Attending Church is not the key; it’s having an encounter with God II. Scarcity Mentality aka Poverty Mentality - You need to stretch your mind to believe that God will come through for you against all odds III. Faulty believe system - You need to reach a place where your belief system is rooted in God
Prayer and the responsibility that comes with being blessed
Wed, Sep 10, 2014
Trusting God doesn't start with prayer it begins with how you perceive Him. Prayer means God, help me. Every time you pray, you are seeking God's help. The power of an individual is in his prayer life. Only God is able to help us. The reason why breakthroughs don't come to pass is because God is all knowing. He knows the state of our hearts and its motives behind the desire for the blessings
Preparing our mind for action
Sun, Sep 07, 2014
You need to prepare your mind for action: Somewhere between focusing on just blessings & no responsibilities and serving God to get His attention there is a middle ground that realizes that privileges come with responsibilities. Every time God touches you, there must be proof that God touched you – Faith without works is dead! To become a city church, we need to clean our hearts first. 3 Attitudes seen in the church: I. An attitude of hostility towards genuine Christianity II. An attitude of neutrality III. An attitude of cooperation
Sun, Aug 31, 2014
God wants you to trust His character and believe that whatever He has put on your plate is good for you. How do I know it is not my idea and it is God's? - Sometimes God keeps you in a situation even though He has opened the doors for you. - Paul and Silas chose not escape from the prison when the cell doors where opened. Instead they remained until they were publicly released. This made the Jailer not commit suicide out of fear that his prisoners had escaped. Their obedience resulted in the Jailer giving his life to Christ!
My shout will not be empty
Sun, Aug 24, 2014
The presence of God is the difference that sets us apart. You can be in the presence of God and not be touched by it. May God help us to never reach a place of familiarity with Him. May we never lose who God is in our lives. As long as God has not spoken, do not move. Wait for His direction...He is in control. His timing is perfect. Establish in your heart that whatever happens, your mouth will not utter anything contrary to God's character/nature. For your shout to become substantial: 1. Return to purity of worship and morals for fear of God to be established again in your life 2. Re-establish pure faith 3. Seek God's will in all situations 4. Have a heart of humility