Sun, Apr 07, 2019
Work on your Spiritual Fitness
Philippians 2:12-18 by Bishop Tshalo Katshunga
Spiritual fitness effects has far teaching impact on this life and that to come. As you develop spiritual fitness (spiritual discipline i.e fasting, prayer etc.) not only do you benefit from, but also the people around you. Spiritual fitness brings spiritual gifts. It also benefits the community at large and they will give glory to God.
Series: Sunday Sermon

People focus a lot on their physical fitness as they want to look good.
- If you are not careful you will neglect your spiritual fitness.
- You need to balance between taking care of your body and taking care of your spirit.

Spiritual fitness, unlike physical fitness, has a far reaching impact both in this life  and that to come (eternal life)

The most important tool in your ministry's arsenal is your body. If you body is not functioning well God's anointing upon your will not be able to function properly.
- Your spiritual fitness is your greatest  weapon.

There is a difference between spirituality and spiritual fitness:
- Spirituality - Christ in you
- Spiritual fitness - things you do as a child of God to keep yourself spiritually in shape.

Some of the challenges you are facing are due to you being unfit spiritually.

Spiritual fitness impacts:
I. Your life here on earth - Galatians 5:22-23
Fruit of the Spirit are acquired through being filled by the Spirit of God. However, you need to be spiritually fit to implement them.
- You need to learn to develop spiritual reflexes which protect you from responding negatively to the challenges you face.
- As you grow spiritually, you will be able to handle life differently.

II. Your new community
You need to be a blessing in the Church, God has placed you in.
- Guide against being a carnal person (your reflexes determined by worldly views).
- It is important to love everyone who comes to Church despite their background.
- Your life needs to reflect Christ.

2 Corinthians 9:12-15
- Your spiritual fitness through good works at Church will lead people to thank God.
- Are people at your Church thanking God because you are part of the Church?
- If you are not careful you will destroy the Church and your relationship with Jesus who you are confessing.
- Spiritual life is not based on talk but what you do in response to the Gospel (good works).

Ephesians 4:16
As you do what you are suppose to do (serve), you help to grow the Church.
- You will never know the impact of your acts of love on people.
- You are a resource in God's hands to help grow the Church.

III. Your community at large
You need to be a blessing in the different domains God has placed you in.
- 1 Peter 2:11-12
- The devil tries to make you feel offended and hurt about what people have done to you so that you stop doing good works.
- Matthew 5:16

IV. Your life in eternity
Revelation 14:12-13
- endurance - internal capacity that enables you not to back down under pressure.
- You deeds on earth will follow you into eternity and not the wealth you have accumulated.

Your spiritual workout should focus on the follwoing things:

I. Do everything readily and cheerfully.
You need to be commited to serve excellently and whole heartedly.
- Psalm 122:1
- When you work, do it like an artist who only signs off his work after he is convinced he cannot improve his painting anymore.

When you choose to be a victim of a situation, you become weaker than the person who hurt you.

Colossians 3:23-24
If something is worth doing, do it well.

II. Go out into the world as a breath of fresh air.
People in the world are suffocating and are in need of God's presence in their life.
- John 12:1- 3
- Wherever you go, the presence of God in your life should be evident.
- People strive on inspiration.
- You are living in a world that is in desperate need of inspiration.

III. Provide people with an appealing alternative.
- Your life needs to be a testimony.

* Good living
Your personality - do not repel people away from you.

** Living God
Present to them a living God.

Someone is always watching.

IV. Proclaim the light giving Message.
It is very dark out there in the world!

Why wouldn't you want to be spiritually fit?