Sun, Jan 27, 2019
When God Visits
Isaiah 40:1-5 by Pastor Beatrice Katshunga
God always shows up at set time in the lives of His people. God visits to comfort His people and to transition them from one state to another. True comfort and compassion cannot be found outside of God. God's visitation requires preparation, removing any obstacles. For preparation ushers God's glory.
Series: Sunday Sermon

The purpose of the prophetic is to edify, exhort and comfort.

Isaiah 40: 1-5
The scripture speaks about a time when Israel was in captivity due to disobedience.
- God always has a set time when He shows up to do what He has intended to do.
- When God visits, He always leaves marks of His divinity and power.

1. God instructs His prophet:
a. To comfort
- 2 Corinthians 1:3
- You can never find true comfort and compassion outside of God.
- He is a God of comfort.
- God sees when you cry.
- He is able to minister to you at the point of your needs.

b. To transition from one state to another
- Your life is going to transition from the valley you are currently in to where God has destined you to be.
- When God visits you, He wants to display His nature.
- The season of hardship is over.

c. It is well
God is in control.
- Don't dwell on what you are going through or you will miss His visitation - Focus on what God is declaring over your situation and decide to believe in His faithfulness to fulfil it.

2. Speak to Jerusalem that:
a. Her warfare has ended
- Align your heart and spirit to what God is saying; your warfare has ended!
- The days of your trouble are over and God's visitation is on the way.
- Begin behaving as if your victory has already manifested.

When God declares something, it is as good as being done; it is done just wait for the manifestation.
- When God speaks even if the battle is still raging, He has already won the victory on our behalf.
- Isaiah 64:4
- There has never been any god like your God.

Choose to wait on God to fight on your behalf.
- God is aligning you to His prophetic Words over your life.

Your warfare has ended!
- Whatever warfare you been facing, regardless of intensity and period, it is now over!
- Don't focus on the current state of affairs in your life, God has already acquired victory on your behalf.

1 John 4:4
You have guarantee of victory because God who is in you, is greater than the one in the world.
- You need to take hold of God's promises and claim them over your life and everything that concerns you.
- Live your life according to what God has declared over your life even if it seems as if things are not changing.
- Jeremiah 1:19.

No one goes into warfare with the intention to lose.
- God has never lost a battle and it wont start with you.
- He will intervene at the appointed time.

Only God has power to secure peace.

The warfare is over!
- The battle ain't yours but the Lord 's.

b. Her iniquity is pardoned
You are totally set free from all your sins.
- Do not be held hostage by feelings of guilt about what you have done because God has forgiven all your sins.
- The full price of your sins has already been paid by Jesus.

The fact that you are struggling doesn't nullify the power of God and the cross.
- God is always at work in your life.

Jeremiah 31:20
Even though God has allowed you to face the consequences of your sins, He hasn't left nor forsaken you.
- He is earnestly thinking of you; He remembers you still.
- His mercy and grace will allow you to be restored.

God wants you to:
* Reconcile yourself to Him
God is making an end to what was troubling you.
- He wants you back in His life and presence.
- Our Christian walk includes deepening our relationship with Christ.

- He will restore everything that has been destroyed.

God has a way of finding you at the right place and right time.

The warfare is over!

3. God's requirement  (Partnership)
a. Prepare
God always initiates the first move in your relationship with Him.
- Isaiah 40:4-5
- You need to prepare yourself to what God is about to do in your life.
- Make provision now for what God is about to do in your life.

Power of adequate preparation = to make provision before the need arises.
- When opportunity meets preparation success is inevitable.
- May God find you ready when He visits you.

You need to first wage war with the prophetic words you have received, align yourself to the prophetic words and then find good mentors.

When you are called by God:
- You go through a valley season (place of testing for you to be shaped to become who God has called you to be)
- You also spend time preparing yourself to become who God has declared over your life.

When you adequately prepare, it allows God to complete the good work He has started in Your life

What are the things in your life that will hold you back from receiving from God your breakthrough?

b. Remove all obstructions on the way
Make a way for God and start preparing for the glory of God to come.
- Present glory - His person
-  Future glory
- Make a conscious decision to live a daily lifestyle that honours God.

Isaiah 62:10
Connect with those who are ahead of you and get mentorship.
- Always equip yourself to become who God has called you to be.
- Preparation is key for us to receive what God has in store for us in 2019.

Pray for God to bless you with destiny changers.
- As you do your best at your level, God will do the rest.

Why Prepare:
I. To usher God's glory
- When God sees your expectation, He will avail Himself to intervene.

God wants you to remove any barriers standing between you and Him.
- God wants you to be open for His glory to be ushered through your life.

John 1:14
Glory - Jesus and His works in your life.
- When God visits He must find us ready and prepared.

Glory = kabod = substance; heavy weight
- There is a glory that is yet to come.

In everything you do, allow Christ to be at the centre.

How prepared are you?
- The battle is not yours; God wants you to prepare so that His glory is ushered through your life.

When God visits, you need to be prepared and ready!