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Bishop Tshalo Katshunga

Bishop Tshalo Katshunga

Role: Senior Pastor

Bishop Tshalo is a Leadership Coach, Advisor, Conference Speaker, Teacher, devoted husband and father.

He travels extensively across the world inspiring society with his message of courageous leadership, pursuit of excellence and repudiation of ineffectiveness.

He currently oversees the Gospel Ramah Family of Churches and is Founder and President of the Advanced Leadership Academy (ALAC), an organisation with the primary objective of training drivers from key sectors of life (arts & entertainment, business, education, family, government, media and religion) for improved and increased relevance in their communities and society.

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Sun, Aug 23, 2015
We are somehow constantly influenced either by the force of evil or that of good. These moral, social, and cultural influences are generally exerted on us by permission. Matthew 6:9-13. Three compelling reasons why Jesus Christ’s leadership is indispensable: 1. His Identity - Jesus Christ is God. 2. His Identification (with humanity) - God, through Jesus Christ has become one of us. 3. His Intention – God, through Jesus Christ came to give us life in its fullness. The abundant Christian life is a package called SALVATION.
Sun, Jul 26, 2015
"Purpose" is designed by God as an essential and fundamental component of a meaningful and fulfilling life. The nature of your purpose is pivotal to the quality of life - Whatever you make the reason of your life will determine the quality of your life. What are you driven by? You need to be driven by a higher purpose
Sun, Jul 19, 2015
Christianity is not a movement of spectators but dedicators. We are kings and priests, we rule under God for the purpose of God. 3 Statements: 1. Every form of social life is deeply influenced by spiritual realities – Spirit life, affects social life. A society or an entity will never rise above its spirituality. Happiness is not equated to material things. 2. God’s design & desire was to bring people to live a life from strength to strength (victorious power). The capacity to bounce back no matter what life throws at you. The real power of a human being is internal. 3. Any form of victorious living is unattainable without God’s help. If God doesn’t step into your life – you can never stay afloat, nothing works
Sun, Jul 12, 2015
Prayer tends to affect the course of life. If you engage in prayer, there are things that will begin unveiling in your life. Introduce a life of prayer - whoever looks for God, the world is looking for you. People who pray, are people who rule - they access the best of the land. When you pray, stability takes over. Change the atmosphere of your home, church, work through prayer. Prayer is acknowledging that you are dependent on God
Sun, Jun 28, 2015
We can be wise spenders , excellent savers, and knowledgeable investors; but without earning streams, the equation simply cannot work . Even in the context of a global recession, one can not only create wealth, but also increase it. Four basic moves to achieving financial freedom: 1. Earning it 2. Spending it 3. Saving it 4. Investing it
Sun, Jun 21, 2015
Life is a pie sliced in five equal portions - Spiritual, Emotional, Relational, Physical, Material. The material life is where the devil has taken hold of in Christian lives. What is God saying as far as money is concerned? There are 7 basic principles regarding "Earning it": 1. Depend upon the divine grants for your life 2. Establish the nature and scope of your vision 3. Earn money by the book 4. Be honest and industrious. Diligent hard and smart work will always lead to high earnings 5. Persevere through the vanity of this world and its corrupt nature 6. Network with the right people 7. Be a forgiving person
Sun, May 10, 2015
There are many characteristics of women in the bible that we see in our mothers today: Women who are Godly, responsible wives and mothers, women with beauty and brain, women who are faithful and faith filled, intelligent. Women who raise children by faith, in faith, for the faith. For this, we need to celebrate and appreciate our mothers.
Sun, Apr 26, 2015
The grace of giving is characterized by the following: 1. Overlooks current circumstances 2. Moves individuals to make substantial sacrifices 3. Turns people into willing and cheerful donors 4.Leads to opportunistic giving. The grace of giving carries a lot of blessings!
Wed, Apr 15, 2015
As Christians we are the people of God, the people of the book. Where do I pledge my allegiance, to God, to my tribe or to the nation? The pressure to confirm is so high when the country/city is in crisis but we have to decide if we are children of God or not. The consequences of broken relationships with God are real and serious.
Sun, Mar 29, 2015
Contrary to what we may think of the cross in the 21st century; the cross was not a fashion statement, cultural icon, or religious trademark; it was an instrument of death for slave-criminals. The cross was used to inflict maximum pain and total humiliation. Thank God! Our Lord Jesus managed to turn this instrument of pain, humiliation, and death into a symbol of love, atonement, and victory.