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Bishop Tshalo Katshunga

Bishop Tshalo Katshunga

Role: Senior Pastor

Bishop Tshalo is a Leadership Coach, Advisor, Conference Speaker, Teacher, devoted husband and father.

He travels extensively across the world inspiring society with his message of courageous leadership, pursuit of excellence and repudiation of ineffectiveness.

He currently oversees the Gospel Ramah Family of Churches and is Founder and President of the Advanced Leadership Academy (ALAC), an organisation with the primary objective of training drivers from key sectors of life (arts & entertainment, business, education, family, government, media and religion) for improved and increased relevance in their communities and society.

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Sun, May 08, 2016
Think about your legacy. What legacy are you going to leave? If your name is mentioned when you are not around, what are people going to say about you? Naomi had a good legacy. Her legacy can be explained as follows: (i) Strength of character (ii) Unshakable faith in God in the midst of dark times (iii) Commitment to empowering the next generation.
Wed, May 04, 2016
Communion with God is the loving fellowship with Him in Christ. It simply means that I begin to pursue God and look for Him; and go into​ a deep relationship because of Christ. His interest becomes my interest. It is also the inner desire to always keep in touch with God.
Sun, May 01, 2016
As God’s people living in His world, we are called to adjust our lifestyle to Christ’s standard so that we can be used in an accurate and exact way. 1. Connect with the heart and mind of God a. Interest in God draws His attention. But interest must be given direction and depth. 2. Confront “the challenge of change.” WHAT DO YOU WANT? Three categories of Christ-followers: 1. THE IGNORANT (EPHESIANS 4:14; JAMES 1:6-8) Who are tossed back and forth, and blown here and there by every wind of teaching... 2. THE EGOCENTRIC (LUKE 12:16-21) Who only care about themselves but are not rich toward God. 3. THE “MISSIONAL” Who understand and embrace their position as God’s agents in the world. WHAT DO YOU WANT? An age-old question with far reaching impact: - Elisha (2KINGS 2:9-15) - Isaiah (ISAIAIH 6:8-9) - Jesus Christ (JOHN 4:34-38; JOHN 17:4, 18; JOHN 20:19-23; ACTS 1:8; 2CORINTHIANS 5:14-21) 3. Accept the cultural shift So that the world may hear the gospel, see it, and follow it. 2 KINGS 10:16; ACTS 9:36-41; ISAIAH 21:11-12; PHILIPPIANS 2:15
Sun, Apr 17, 2016
Why is it important to participate? God grows people through participation – someone matures when they are hands on doing it. Until you participate, you development is hampered. The more you get involved in what is important to God, the more you mature. People that participate cheerfully get involved in the things of God.
Sun, Apr 10, 2016
The single most important gain in being in Christ is the new life that places us in a privileged relationship of son ship. What did we gain in Christ? 1. The ability to freely seek and access God's mind 2. The ability to freely take action in obedience 3. The ability to freely move in God's kind of authority
Sun, Mar 13, 2016
Devotion to God is an: 1. Intimate attachment to God 2. Absolute and voluntary dependence 3. Affectionate zeal to His Will as well as His interests. "Devotion to God affects our thoughts, our means and our focus" Why devote ourselves to God: 1. Because of HIs "alphaness & omeganess" 2. Because of His Lordship 3. Because if His great love towards us 4. Because our well being depends on it. What does this kind of devotion entail? 1. The pursuit of His Glory 2. The building up of His people
Sun, Mar 06, 2016
Observable changes: 1. Attitude towards God - Devotion (Love, Loyalty, Laudation) 2. Attitude towards each other (Unity in diversity, Sincere love, Sense of responsibility towards each other) 3. Attitude towards material possesions (Stewardship, Generosity) 4. Attitude towards the Great commission (Dedication)
Sun, Feb 21, 2016
The Vision Talk is an attempt to galvanize our attention and effort on the things God wants to do for us, in us, with us and through us as a COMMUNITY as well as INDIVIDUALS. The role of the church is to become like the water wheel - Providing living water and passing it on to society. The will of God for all of us is Be More, Do More at a community and individual levell. As we be, so we do. The deeper you are the further you can reach.
Sun, Jan 24, 2016
When you seek the Lord, you find Him, when you find Him, you live, you move, you are because He lives. The knowledge of Yahweh is more than an accumulation of facts about God. It's rather a full acquaintance with the word of God, a knowledge translated into a system of living, and affecting one's daily conduct as well as transactions.
Sun, Jan 17, 2016
What do you want your life in 2016 to reflect? Growth contributors in God's economy: 1. Presence of God - Never underestimate the power of the presence of God. 2. Promise - Whatever God has spoken about your life, that is a seed of growth. 3. Partnership - Partnering with other people leads to growth. 4. Purpose - The bigger the vision, the bigger you become