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Wed, Mar 08, 2017
Faith is important because we live by faith and not by sight. Faith is spiritual and the word of God is the source of faith. Faith is the only thing that produces miracles, new things. Faith is the only voice that God likes to hear and only language he respects. Faith is activated by your voice, it is not silent. Lastly faith is dependent on the word of God thus you have to saturate your brain with the word of God.
Tue, Mar 07, 2017
When we come into Christ, God fills us with His spirit, the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit sanctifies us and guides us in the path of righteousness. Before we accepted Christ, we were under the influence of the world, but through salvation the Spirit of God takes over ( Gal 5:19 ). The Holy Spirit helps us to conquer the works of the flesh ( Gal 5 : 22) , the Holy Spirit strengthens us and it is through the Holy Spirit that we become the light in the world.
Mon, Mar 06, 2017
The primary work of the Holy Spirit: 1. Brings Salvation - The biggest blessing we wait and look for is in the 3 things (Spirit of Warning, Spirit of Revelation, Spirit of Prediction) 2. Obstacles to the work of the Holy Spirit in the church: Religious spirits, Generational curses. 3. Act of God through the Holy Spirit: Creates a new family, Gives us a new destiny, A new covenant. God's purpose is to make us kings, priests and prophets (Anointed of God)
Sun, Mar 05, 2017
The Holy Spirit is a divine person not just an environment or feeling. We need to understand the nature, attribute and work of the holy spirit. Advantages of knowing the holy spirit - Sanctification, Orientation, Revelation, Supernatural strength and Creativity & innovation. When the holy spirit shows up or when we have an encounter, it for us to devote ourselves to him. Our desire for the holy spirit is what will transform and move us. And the holy spirit will display its power to those who are humble and obedient.