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Pastor  Stanley Kyoya Mwalili

Pastor Stanley Kyoya Mwalili

Pastor Stanley Mwalili is the founding and senior pastor of the Green Pastures Tabernacle Church (GPTC) and Emerald International School. Planted in 1998, GPTC has 7 branch churches.

He holds a MA Degree in Leadership Studies, a BSc degree in Horticulture and is currently a candidate of a MBA degree in Strategic Management.

Pastor Mwalili is also author of the book "Offended!Are you Bitter or Better?" Him and his wife Annah are blessed with 2 sons, Elishama Mumo and Perez Mwendwa.

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Mon, Apr 24, 2017
The significance of the anointing. As a mark of respect by a host to his guests. As a rite of inauguration into each of the offices of the prophet, priest and King (1 Kings 19:16). As a token of setting apart people and objects for religious service (Judges 13: 5, 24; Exodus 30:26-28). As an endowment with supernatural ability to accomplish a divine assignment (Luke 4:18-19). The anointing -CONFERS RESPECT, INAUGURATES US & SETS US APART.
Sun, Apr 23, 2017
The anointing is for a purpose. Samson’s anointing was to deliver. Them from the hand of the philistines. Unfortunately, like many anointed people, he got side tracked. Why God anoints us? To be witnesses of Christ (Acts 1:5-8). To accomplish divine assignments (Ephesians 2:10; Exodus 35: 30-3). To give us power to do good (Acts 10:37-38; Matthew 5:16). WHY DO YOU CARRY THE ANOINTING THAT YOU HAVE? WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH IT?
Wed, Mar 02, 2016
What lessons do we learn from David? 1. God orchestrates opportunities for you to function in the anointing God has called you for 2. The things that move the heart of God will grip your heart when you are anointed 3. Even when opportunities present themselves they must be worthy of God 4. Beware of the "elder brother syndrome" 5. When opportunities arise, you must produce results after the engagement 6. Prepare for responsibility 7. Do not look for greatness
Tue, Mar 01, 2016
8 Learning Points (Day 1 to 3) 1. Jesus Christ is the prototype, configuration, quality and standardization 2. What we're being called to is more glorious than what we do 3. Transformation is a matter of necessity 4. Simple things can make a huge difference 5. There's a huge responsibility on this church for the city 6. Our inward condition remains the same if the change is not induced by the Holy Spirit. 7. The ultimate goal of the Holy Spirit is to give us a well ordered life. 8. Purpose precedes design
Mon, Feb 29, 2016
How does the Holy Spirit change the inner man? (A) Conviction of sin, availability of righteousness and judgement. People cannot change their lives unless there is a conviction by the Holy Spirit. When the Holy Spirit is in you, you will know which battles to fight. God will fight for you. When the Holy Spirit is in you: 1. We find true repentance 2. The old life loses its grip 3. Guilt and condemnation are removed (B) The Holy Spirit guides us to all truth. The truth is the word of God. Through the word of God: 1. Deception is broken 2. The Believer is set free 3. The believer enters into divine living