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Sun, Oct 05, 2014
Always remember God made you to be where you are today; He alone deserves the glory. When you remember what God has done for you, you will always keep in mind that without Him you are nothing. We need to know how to be successful and relevant in our community. King Hezekiah did not survive success because: I. He started attributing his success to himself II. He stopped being loyal and committed to God III. He stopped thinking generationally (He prioritized self) IV. He stopped being indebted to God V. He stopped giving to God, that which He was worthy of. Do not let wealth and success kill generosity. Being generous complies with who we are in Christ. Sometimes we miss opportunities to be a blessing to someone because of our own internal struggles with giving. We give because God makes it possible for us to give; freely we have received & freely we must give
Sun, Oct 20, 2013
We are the sheep of the Lord and shall be grateful for every resource He makes available to us and for his leadership, guidance and protection. Thanks is about acknowledging and appreciating the kindness that was received. Every single resource we have has a source and God is the source.